These 4 words can help you avoid food poisoning this summer

While summer brings us the welcome chance to socialize outside and even (carefully) dine together, the season brings risks when it comes to enjoying those al fresco meals. Just because we’re focused on a pandemic doesn’t mean other dangers just disappear. In fact, having an outbreak, like the Cyclospora one we’re seeing right now in bagged salads, on top of COVID “is really bad,” said Ben Chapman, Ph.D., a professor and food safety extension specialist at North Carolina State University who co-authors and co-hosts a food safety podcast.

“There’s only a finite amount of public health resources,” Chapman said. “We may not even be able to effectively investigate foodborne illness outbreaks because of the resources that are dedicated to a pandemic. The individuals that manage foodborne illness are the same individuals that are managing this other massive, all encompassing, overwhelming situation.”

Right now in particular, “It’s a concern

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