They’re cooking BBQ by the ton and bringing comfort to thousands of storm weary Texans

Some lack running water. Some don’t have enough food. Many face pricey home repairs to fix broken pipes and water damage.

For those on fixed incomes, or already struggling to make ends meet, these challenges are devastating. But this week in Houston, one group provided its unique brand of support: free, hot BBQ meals.

“It’s comfort food,” said Stan Hays, co-founder of Operation BBQ Relief, a disaster response nonprofit. “It’s a hot meal that makes you feel good…I just think BBQ is built for that.”

Hays, a 2017 CNN Hero and competitive BBQ pitmaster, helped start the group to feed people impacted by the Joplin, Missouri, tornado in 2011. Since then, the organization has deployed to dozens of disasters in 30 states — including Houston after Hurricane Harvey.

But the devastation from last week’s winter storm is different than what the group usually encounters.

How you can help Texas winter storm victims

“You can’t see the

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20 Best Free Meals Footage On Unsplash

The World’s Best 50 Eating places is an inventory produced by UK media firm William Reed Business Media , which originally appeared within the British magazine Restaurant , based on a ballot of international chefs , restaurateurs , gourmands and restaurant critics In addition to the principle ranking, the organisation awards a series of special prizes for individuals and eating places, including the One To Watch award, the Lifetime Achievement Award and the Chefs’ Choice Award, the latter based on votes from the fifty head cooks from the eating places on the previous year’s list. The low-sodium Dietary Approaches to Cease Hypertension (SPRINT) Food regimen was designed as a manner to assist individuals management their blood pressure without utilizing drugs, although just a few books have used it as a basis for a weight-loss weight loss program. DASH emphasizes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat or nonfat dairy and limits … Read More

Pamplin Media Group – Grandma’s Hands warm tummies and souls

Rockwood cooking and food program celebrates Black cuisine and family tradition

Willie Chambers’ heart was touched as he watched his wife Vanessa tenderly teaching some of her grandchildren how to cook, passing down traditions, culture and love with food.

That picture of caring grandmothers in the kitchen was in Willie Chambers’ mind as he talked with folks from Wallace Medical Concern, his colleagues at Rockwood CDC and others about improving the nutrition and health of residents of Rockwood and East Multnomah County.

Chambers also huddled with Chuck Smith of the nonprofit Black Food Sovereignty Coalition to further develop the concept of elder Black women being guides for better health, eating habits and strengthening community.

Grandma’s Hands was born.

“Let’s not lose these beautiful traditions around food and the wisdom grandmas passed down. Food is essential, but it’s also comfort,” said Lisa Cline, CEO of Wallace Medical Concern, which serves low-income

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The power of self-publishing in food media

At the beginning of 2020, Alicia Kennedy saw her freelance income evaporate almost overnight: An anchoring contributing editor job was discontinued, and her wages at a contributing writer position were reduced. She had been toying with the idea of starting a newsletter—one that might offer readers something more substantial than an abandoned TinyLetter newsletter she enjoyed years back. So she began writing From the Desk of Alicia Kennedy, her weekly dispatch on food, politics, media, and other musings, and less than one year later, the newsletter is second-most popular in the food category on the publishing platform Substack. With around 1,700 paid subscribers (and another 13,000 who opt for the free version), it has become Kennedy’s main source of income.

As more food writers and recipe developers become fed up with traditional outlets, both food media “celebrities” (those with highly bankable followings in the hundreds of thousands) and

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