Savor: Hill Center’s Long Lunch Cooking Class

Hill Center’s Long Lunch Cooking Class: Paella

For many years now, the Hill Center in the Old Naval Hospital has served as a go-to source for those looking to boost their culinary skills, starting at the most basic or remedial level, with the regularly presented “Kitchen 101: Introduction to Cooking Series.”

However, the small team of experienced chefs and bakers the nonprofit organization relies on for its culinary programming also regularly whips up new and niche ideas intended for the more advanced home chef, particularly those who are culinary adventure-seekers.

As an example of classes designed with internationally inspired intermediate home cooks in mind, look no further than the four-part “Long Lunch” series that Chef Mark Haskell, a longtime Hill Center cooking teacher, will lead in February over Zoom.

Styled as a sample of global street food, one that “will take you on a tour of the back alleys and

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Japanese restaurant with koi pond & garden pavilion offers a little slice of Kyoto in S’pore

a dining room table in front of a house

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If you’ve gone to Brown Butter but are still craving for more Japanese-inspired spots, this Japanese restaurant near Promenade MRT station offers a little slice of Kyoto to its diners.

Located on the 4th floor of the Pan Pacific hotel, Keyaki might just alleviate a bit of your wanderlust with its outdoor Japanese koi garden.

If you’re looking for a more private setting with an elevated ambience, the Garden Pavilion boasts a seating capacity of 40 for any dining occasion.

The Shoji-inspired screens and moon gate that open up to lush greenery and a koi pond create this out-of-Singapore illusion without actually stepping outside the borders.

While the Singapore Flyer may disrupt the traditional Japanese architecture, its appearance at the back embraces the traditional East Asian gardening technique of shakkei.

Commonly translated as “borrowed scenery”, shakkei involves the art of incorporating distant views into the

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Super Bowl 2021: Recipes, Snacks with Chiefs vs. Buccaneers Theme | Bleacher Report

This Nov. 16, 2015 photo shows hands off party wings with cilantro sour cream dip and honey sriracha in Concord, N.H. These wings require almost no effort from you. The secret is baking powder. The baking powder reacts with the skin, helping to draw out moisture. (AP Photo/Matthew Mead)

Matthew Mead/Associated Press

This Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers will face off in Super Bowl LV. The game will determine the champion of the 2020 NFL season, of course, but the Super Bowl stopped being just a football contest many years ago.

The Super Bowl is no longer an event just for football fans, as thrilling halftime performances and entertaining commercials have made it a global affair. And whether you’re a Chiefs fan, a Buccaneers backer or not a football fan at all, there’s one thing everyone can agree on.

No Super Bowl viewing would be complete without a proper spread of food.

While the coronavirus pandemic may limit the number of Super Bowl parties this year, that doesn’t mean that viewers have to get by on frozen dinners or pizza delivery. Here, we’ll dive into some delicious and relatively easy Super Bowl-themed dishes that can

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Probiotics, prebiotics both key to healthy gut | Health/Science

Q: My big New Year’s resolution was to get my gut into better shape. I’m not talking about a flat stomach — after having three kids, that ship has sailed — but about the gut microbiome. Do I need to take probiotics?

A: The gut microbiome is the collection of trillions of microorganisms that call our digestive tracts home. These include the vast and varied colonies of bacteria, fungi, protozoa, friendly viruses and other microbes that interact with our bodies and, in many cases, help to keep us healthy. Research into the microbiome continues to uncover the many ways in which gut health plays a role in general health, including how it affects processes as varied as the immune system, blood sugar regulation, the cardiovascular system, cholesterol, weight and even mental health.

The good news is that, with several simple lifestyle choices, you can improve your gut health. To understand

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