12 best cookbooks by Black chefs and authors 2021

There are so many powerful books to read during Black History Month. Similarly, there are plenty of cookbooks out there paying homage to Black history. Award-winning chefs like Lazarus Lynch, Marcus Samuelsson and Ayesha Curry, to name a few, are all sharing their perspectives through food. Their recipes — covering the African continent, Southern comfort food, BBQ and much more — satisfy the appetite. Their stories satisfy the soul. Here are 12 new cookbooks from Black chefs to buy this month and use year-round.

Author and celebrated chef Marcus Samuelsson uses every page to share part of his story and to broaden the definition of soul food. Expect more than 150 recipes including spiced catfish with pumpkin leche de tigre, saffron tapioca pudding and steak frites with plantain chips and green vinaigrette.

Debuting in October, “The Rise” is already the 5th best-selling book on Amazon’s list of Best

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How best to use your cooking appliances

Television personality Elena Besser is joining TODAY to answer kitchen questions submitted by our viewers. She sets the record straight on everything from how to properly use kitchen appliances to the best ways to heat up leftovers and everything in between. Plus, she’s sharing her recipe for an easy, no-bake cookies and cream ice box cake.

What are the different settings on an oven? When are you supposed to use broil vs. bake?

In general, an oven circulates heat and cooks things from the outside in. So, the higher the temperature, the faster the exterior will cook. The lower the temperature, the more consistently the temperature will permeate through the food itself.

  • Baking: Cooking at a consistent medium heat (375 F or lower) to cook things evenly from the outside in (like cakes, pies, etc.).

  • Roasting: Cooking in the oven at a higher temperature, so anything between 400 F and

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Kids can sign up for free cooking, nutrition classes with St. Joe’s Ann Arbor

ANN ARBOR, MI — Hands-on nutrition and cooking classes are available at no charge for anyone age 12 to 14.

St. Joseph Mercy in Ann Arbor has 35 spots open for this Nutrition Buddies Research Program, a four-week virtual course from April to May for kids to explore science, nutrition, agriculture and leadership opportunities. Each participant will receive hands-on cooking instructions at home and a chance to create plant-based meals from scratch with St. Joe’s physicians, according to a news release.

“We know that poor nutrition is a major contributing factor of chronic disease in America, and people who experience food insecurity are at higher risk,” Alexandra Babcock, St. Joe’s lifestyle and culinary medicine coordinator, said in a statement. “By helping children establish healthy eating patterns, we empower them to live longer, healthier lives.”

Participants will receive a free membership to the St. Joe’s Farm Share for two seasons. The

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