12 Spring Recipes That Our Food Editors Love

Looking for ways to become a more confident cook at home? Our food editors are here to help. Each week, we’re shining a spotlight on the exciting things happening in the Martha Stewart test kitchen. Our editors will share their best cooking tips, favorite products, new ideas, and more in our weekly series, Out of the Kitchen.

Spring is just a few weeks away, which means that our food editors can’t wait to get their hands on the fresh leeks, asparagus, rhubarb, artichokes, carrots, and peas that are at their peak starting in late March. Unlike the comforting casseroles and stews we love in winter, spring fare means crisp salads, cool soups, some grilling, and lots of fruity desserts. From dinner recipes and basic vegetable side dishes that will feed the whole family to some extra-special desserts (sheet cakes and crumb cakes), these recipes are the epitome of

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Malaysian Food Is Multicultural and Ever-changing Thanks to a New Generation of Chefs

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Malaysian food was fusion cooking before foodies started using the word. Take, for example, kari debal—literally, “the devil’s curry”—one of the country’s great dishes. The chicken as well as the candlenut that fattens the sauce are native ingredients. The potatoes and chili peppers arrived in the trunks of Portuguese traders. Spiked with galangal and vinegar, the dish is fiery, slightly sour, and worthy of its name.

This dish itself comes from the Kristang people, a small community concentrated in the Malaysian port city of Melaka. They are the Roman Catholic descendants of European traders who married Malay women. “We are a very tight group. Everyone works together like a family,” said Sara Santa Maria, a Kristang culinary instructor and language teacher, as we tucked in

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Ido Fishman’s Guide to Cooking with Spices

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Even someone with very little cooking knowledge is aware that spices are what makes the food taste so good and delicious. But, it is also a fact that not many people know how to use these spices and often tend to shy away from them. Doing so is a mistake because you want your food to turn out great. Luckily, there are some simple tips outlined by Ido Fishman that can help you understand when to add spices and how to add, so you can give your confidence a boost and improve your cooking. Check some of these below:

  • Store them properly

First and foremost, you need to ensure that you are storing all your spices in a cool and dark place and keeping them in airtight containers, rather than above your stove. This will ensure that your spices remain as flavorful and fresh as possible. They need to be … Read More