‘Soup Pot’ Has Players Create Delicious Dishes from The Philippines, Korea, and Japan

One thing that all Asians can agree on is that the continent probably has some of the best food on Earth. And Pinoy game studio, Chikon Club, is looking to celebrate this aspect of Asian culture through their new game Soup Pot.

Unlike the Cooking Mama series, where players are awarded for sticking to the recipe to a tee, Soup Pot is a cooking game with a heavy focus on creativity, capturing the improvisational nature of home cooking and allowing players to experiment with 100 different dishes.

Beautifully stylized 3D renders of ingredients will be at the player’s disposal to create these dishes and players can cook freely without restrictions. From there, players can then channel their inner Masterchef and plate these dishes however they like.

Chikon Club is aiming to make Soup Pot’s in-game kitchen a welcoming place for home cooks of every proficiency. The game is more about

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If You Bought This Ground Turkey, Throw It Out Now, FSIS Says

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) is issuing a public health alert for over 211,000 pounds of ground turkey products because they may have caused Salmonella illnesses in 12 states.

The ground turkey products were produced by the Pennsylvania company, Plainville Brands, LLC, between Dec. 18, and Dec. 29, 2020. A recall was not issued since it’s been four months since the products were produced and “it is believed that the products are no longer available for consumers to purchase. ” However, they could be frozen in consumer’s freezers.

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Of the 28 confirmed Salmonella cases since Dec. 28, 2020, at least one has identified eating the ground turkey, and an unopened package collected from their home tested positive for the bacteria. “Evidence collected to date does not link all illnesses to this establishment,” the alert says.

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The Finest Weight loss plan Primarily based On Your Star Sign… And Why Carb

Add comma separated listing of substances to incorporate in recipe. By no means. Regardless that I am at all times advised that I cook dinner for an army, I really give out take-out bins” to my mates on the end of a meal. In Chinese language custom, it is a massive no-no” to expire of food, so I all the time cook copious quantities. No one likes leftovers, but I also never throw any meals away, so I’ll recycle” what’s for Sunday supper into simpler weekday dishes. As an illustration, Bolognese sauce might turn into a baked ziti, and a roasted rooster would possibly turn into a Chinese language-type rooster and shiitake mushroom soup with noodles or a Thai-type rooster curry.

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6 Tips on Using an Air Fryer Conveniently

Using an Air Fryer can be a bit intimidating until you learn how to use it. Reading through this article on how to use an air fryer safely and conveniently would make everything so much easier.

What is an Air fryer? 

It is a compact cylindrical countertop convection oven that uses heat energy to create more energy. What does this mean? it simply means convection technology blows super-hot air around it in a really compacted space where the food cannot escape from that air. By doing that, it creates more energy and you get better browning on the outside of your food and it’s crispier according to reviews on Amon-Avis

Interestingly, we have some amazing tips so that you can get the most out of your air fryer:

1. Don’t Overfill Your Basket: When the basket is too full, you won’t get the fries completely. When the quantity of … Read More