Six of the best BBQ recipes to make this Bank Holiday weekend

Barbecuing is a primal technique for cooking food: there is often nothing simpler. You don’t always need fancy gadgets – just food and fire. By cooking directly in the embers of a fire (such as the ribeye roast below), you take the simplest of foods and turn them into something special. You only need quality lumpwood charcoal or the embers of a hardwood or fruitwood fire. You can then simply place the food straight in the embers… That’s it.

Cooking in a cast-iron pan is another wonderful way to cook. You can get cast iron screaming hot, and it holds the heat for a long time. It’s a great way to make sauces, too.

Here, I share the simplest of barbecue techniques that use a minimal amount of kit, meaning anyone can achieve delicious results. Very few tools are required; I think a 22-inch kettle barbecue is just about the

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