Cooking Fresh with M Cantina

M Cantina specializes in gourmet street food – cooked to order.  The menu features flavors and ingredients inspired from central Mexico. Executive Chef, Junior Merino, uses ingredients both familiar and exotic fused together to create an unforgettable and shareable experience for your senses.

Merino, who was born and raised in Puebla, Mexico, is known as “the liquid chef.” He has hundreds of drink recipes under his belt, both alcoholic and nonalcoholic.

Chef Merino served up Chile Relleno Tacos for The Nine.


Chile Relleno Tacos

Executive Chef Junior Merino, The Liquid Chef

Ingredients to make the Chile Relleno

1 chile poblano

Queso fresco

2 eggs

1/2 c flour

Ingredients for salsa ranchera

-3 roma tomatoes

– 2 jalapenos

– 1/2 a small onion

– 1 garlic clove

– Pinch Mexican oregano

– Salt,

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FOOD: Making tacos, making friends – The Tribune

Murphy takes passion on the road with ‘Taco and Friends’ food truck

While his main job is in construction, Aaron Murphy of Ironton, always wanted to be in the food game. So about six weeks ago, he made the jump into the field of food trucks with one called “Taco and Friends.”

“Food has always been my passion,” he said. “And as far as overhead, a truck is the easiest way to get in there and test your product out.”

And since he works another job, he can take the food truck out on the weekends and for special events “to pursue my passion and make my dreams come true.”

And why tacos?

“I love tacos,” Murphy said. “And it is really hard to be unhappy when you’re eating a taco and there is nothing better than eating food with friends.”

The name “Taco and Friends” was chosen to honor

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