Why Viewers Are Loving Paris Hilton’s New Show

Paris Hilton is back in the reality scene with her very own show, Cooking with Paris. This quirky series shows off her unique sensibility and recipes.

In order to understand why Cooking With Paris is actually hilarious, the first thing people need to realize is that Paris Hilton is in on the joke (and no, she isn’t actually cooking food that most people want to eat). The reality show follows Paris as she showcases her lack of expertise in the kitchen. Fans also see her picking up the ingredients she needs, being confused about what a whisk is, and sharing the culinary chaos with many celebrity guests. Cooking With Paris dropped on Netflix and it did get some criticism, but many of her fans love it.

Reviews suggest that Paris is reverting back to her The Simple Life persona on Cooking With Paris. While that might be a fair assessment,

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The Sisters of Omsom Make It Easy & Fun to Cook Asian Food

In Vietnamese, the phrase “omsòm” means “noisy, rambunctious, and riotous.” It’s often used by parents to scold unruly children. At least, that’s what sisters Kim and Vanessa Pham recall from their childhoods. Now, it’s also the name of their food brand, which was inspired by watching their Vietnamese mom cook dinners from scratch every night.

The brand sells “starters,” which are essentially sauces packaged in portioned packets with all the flavor components needed to make a specific Asian dish — like Vietnamese lemongrass barbecue, Korean spicy bulgogi, and Filipino sisig. All you have to do is add your protein and veggies and mix it all up in a pan.

The process may be simple, but that doesn’t mean the flavors are watered-down versions of the real thing. “Food is an incredibly important facet of culture, and I was honestly sick and tired of seeing different Asian cultures being diluted and

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20 Cooking Hazards That Could Have Disastrous Results

burnt cake


Cooking is a fun money-saving activity that the entire family can participate in, but there are a lot of hidden hazards and safety risks when it comes to using knives, microwaves, and fire to transform ingredients into meals. Luckily, by identifying the most common under-the-radar hazards, you can take simple steps to avoid them, making your kitchen a safe space for culinary creativity. (Want to up your cooking game? Avoid these 25 Kitchen Mistakes You’re Probably Still Making.)

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Leftovers in plastic storage containers


Plastic food storage containers are convenient and useful for saving food and cutting waste, but they could be leaching harmful chemicals into your foods. The chemical bisphenol A, or BPA, is a known hormone disruptor, and is found in plastic food storage containers more often than is comfortable. Many people who are sensitive to

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