Tyson Foods to create 376 new jobs in Danville-Pittsylvania County

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Tyson Foods, Inc., one of the world’s largest food companies, will invest $300 million to establish a manufacturing facility in Cane Creek Centre, an industrial park jointly owned by the City of Danville and Pittsylvania County.

The company will construct a 325,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility and is committing to purchase 60 million pounds of Virginia-grown chicken over the next three years. Virginia successfully competed with North Carolina for the project, which will create 376 new jobs.

The new facility will be used primarily for the production of premium quality, fully cooked Tyson brand, which includes Any’tizer® Snacks and Chicken Nuggets.

“When corporate partners reinvest in the Commonwealth, it is a

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Cooking hard-boiled eggs in an air fryer actually works really well

Don’t trust anything on the internet — until Mashable tries it first. Welcome to the Hype Test, where we review viral trends and tell you what’s really worth millions of likes.

The concept behind this story is simple. I saw a TikTok about air frying an egg and, listen, I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to air fry an egg.

It’s just such a weird idea. But when I saw the TikTok, I also immediately thought it might work.

TikTok user Jackie Hartlaub posted a video in which she air fried whole eggs — for 15 minutes at 275 degrees — to make hard-boiled eggs. The resulting eggs were not hard-boiled eggs in the literal sense — they were never submerged in water, after all — but they sure looked like hard-boiled eggs. It made sense to me. Hard-boiled eggs are cooked by totally surrounding them with

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After heart transplant, teen pens cookbook with his favorite healthy Asian dishes

Justin Wang is a young man whose love of food and cooking was spurred on by the traumatic health issues he has battled since childhood.

“My love for food comes from my love for creativity,” said Wang, 18, who received a heart transplant in 2018. “I think everyone loves food, whether it’s cooking it or just eating it. It’s one of life’s simple joys.”

Throughout his childhood, Wang dealt with chronic heart failure.

“It made me different from my peers and my classmates,” said Wang, who was regularly in and out of hospitals. His mother Yang Wei said he underwent many procedures and sometimes couldn’t go to school due to a simple cold.

Then in 2018, his heart failure took a drastic turn and he needed a heart transplant to save his life.

“That was an incredibly soul-shattering moment for me, just because it turned everything upside down,” Wang

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