Engineers Cook 3D-Printed Chicken With Lasers

Cooked chicken and the laser light that does the job.

If you’re tired of cooking chicken that comes out rubbery or still raw, there may be a new solution for you. A team of researchers at Columbia University recently demonstrated that several different types of lasers can be used to cook 3D-printed chicken thoroughly, with no adverse effects on the food’s taste.

The findings are the latest step in the lab’s progress toward digitizing the cooking process. The team cooked chicken right on a tabletop—no need for a conventional oven or stove. Their results were published this month in the journal npj Science of Food.

“Cooking is essential for nutrition, flavor, and texture development in many foods, and we wondered if we could develop a method with lasers to precisely control these attributes,” said Jonathan Blutinger, an engineer at Columbia University and the paper’s lead author, in a university press release.

After blending chicken into a purée

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Here’s what to cook with your freezers forgotten foods

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World Food & Music Festival brings global cultures to Iowa

40 food vendors representing 25 different countries were cooking at the event.

DES MOINES, Iowa — The World Food & Music Festival brought cooks and performers from around the world to share a piece of their home with Des Moines this weekend.

Forty food vendors representing 25 different countries shared delicious cuisines at Western Gateway Park for the festival, but it wasn’t just about the tasty treats. Musicians and performers like Annalyn Vida shared their culture with the community too.

“We have a good community of Filipinos here in Iowa, but we’re not as big, so it’s a really great opportunity,” Vida said.

Joan Namacheno, owner of Josina’s Supplies, agreed. Namacheno sells handmade crafts from Kenya and Uganda, and she said she saw support from some unexpected places.

“Other vendors, the customers and the music guys from the Wailers yesterday got some of my shirts, and they used that on

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