What Is an Air Fryer? | Cooking School

By Fraya Berg for Food Network Kitchen

Fraya is a chef and a contributing writer at Food Network.

Thinking of joining the air fryer club, but not sure how you’ll use it? Let us explain this countertop appliance and dive into the pros and cons of cooking with one. Many of the cooks in Food Network Kitchen have become enamored with the air fryer — and they’ve developed tons of useful recipes as a result. Here’s what you need to know if you want to try them out.

An air fryer is miniature convection oven that can fit on your kitchen countertop. It will cook most anything you would cook in an oven, but the real draw is that with very little oil (we’re talkin’ a teaspoon), an air fryer will give you crispy fries, wings and vegetables that you never imagined you’d get at home, much less without a

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Food & Wine Classic in Aspen was small but mighty | Pikes Peak Courier

Like most everything in 2020, Aspen’s Food & Wine Classic — the granddaddy of all wine and food extravaganzas — was put on hold because of the pandemic. It’s been held a June tradition for decades, attracting the world’s top chefs who present cooking demos, classes, and seminars. This year, like last year, June came and went without a Classic. But a mini-Classic was held Sept. 9-12. I attended four of the events over the weekend and wanted to pass along what I learned.

‘Turn Everyday Meals into the GOAT’Let’s first explain “GOAT.” Stephanie Izard owns a group of eateries in Chicago, including her flagship, Girl and the Goat. The word “goat” is in the name of several of her other eateries because, “My last name, Izard, is the name of a mountain range in France and translates to goat. Goat is easier to remember than Izard, so that’s what

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