Selena + Chef & 9 Other Great Celebrity Cooking Shows

Celebrity cooking shows are always a fun way to get people interested in working on their own culinary skills. Over the past few years, celebs have either guest-starred on or even hosted their own shows. These shows are almost always great because they present the personality of viewers’ favorite celebrities while also being educational and providing actual real-life skills.

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Over lockdown, a lot more shows popped up, including the fantastic Selena + Chef, a show hosted by Selena Gomez, which is now on its third season. It’s definitely worth looking at some other celebrity cooking shows too, as there are a few series that stand out amongst the rest.

Selena + Chef (2020 – )

Selena Gomez cooking at the stove on Selena + Chef

Selena Gomez stars in her own unscripted cooking series, which was filmed in her home during quarantine. As

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Is Homemade Cat Food Worth the Effort?

Homemade cat food is practically all the rage these days.

There are a number of different types of homemade cat food, hundreds of quality recipes, and plenty of arguments as to why you should be making your own cat food.

So what does homemade, healthy cat food even consist of?

Homemade cat food can be served in one of three ways: as a raw diet, half cooked, or as a fully cooked diet. A natural diet consists of ingredients that are purely beneficial for a cat’s diet with very little to no filler items, such as corn, for example. Corn is not something that is found in a cat’s natural diet. It’s not normal nor necessary. Homemade cat food is worlds better than any processed food on the market because it is basically grain free.

Raw meat diets include meats like chicken livers, bone meal, or other

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