Creative in the Kitchen: Acme cook loves experimenting, trying new ingredients | News

ACME — Karly Wentzloff has been cooking dinner since she was a little girl.

The 36-year-old Acme real estate agent started out helping her mom in the kitchen.

“And as I got to be a teenager, my mom went back to school and became an accountant, so during tax season … I would cook dinner and on weekends my mom and I would try out new recipes,” she says.

In graduate school, Wentzloff worked at a small farm that grew greens in hoophouses and as a result, became involved in the Ann Arbor food scene. After that, she moved to Vermont and got a job at a locally owned health food store where she worked her way up to helping out with cooking classes and took her own skills up a notch.

“I was assisting in all of these classes and learned to make things like curry paste from scratch,”

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10 best aprons for cooking, grilling and more

Aprons are a kitchen necessity for many passionate home cooks, especially ones who prefer to keep things neat and tidy. Not only do many kinds of aprons help keep your clothes clean while whipping up elaborate holiday dinners and desserts, but many even have roomy pockets to store smaller kitchen essentials like an instant read thermometer or a spatula.

While there are plenty of aprons out on the market, if you really want to channel your inner Food Network chef, you might want to take a look at these 10 top-rated aprons that are made with home cooks in mind.

Best aprons for men and women

Maison d’ Hermine 100% Cotton Apron

Prefer something a little more twee? With over 30 designs available and a glowing 4.8-star average from over 5,000 verified Amazon shoppers, this European-inspired pick is equally charming and elegant for the Julia Child in your life.

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