I suspected my flatmate was stealing my food so set up a trap to catch her

A WOMAN who suspected her flatmate was stealing her food set up a camera to catch her in the act.

Posting on Reddit’s Am I the Asshole forum, she explained that she placed a video camera inside the fridge to see who had been pilfering produce from her shelf.

A woman set up a camera inside her fridge after suspecting her flatmate of stealing her food


A woman set up a camera inside her fridge after suspecting her flatmate of stealing her foodCredit: Getty

“We have a shared fridge, where we have a shelf for each of our stuff,” she explained, adding that she’s one of four women who live in the house.

“I have noticed that my food and milk constantly goes missing. I see multiple times a week that a large portion of my food and milk is gone.

“It’s unbelievably frustrating, and also very time- consuming and expensive having to buy/cook new food.”

She had a suspicion that one of her

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The simple cooking tricks that could slash your risk of disease

IT may not just be what you eat, but how you prepare it, that drives your cancer risk.

Some experts argue that grilling or roasting food until it is slightly burnt is dangerous and you should instead aim for a “golden” colour.

Cooking food at lower temperatures is better for you, the Food Standard Agency says


Cooking food at lower temperatures is better for you, the Food Standard Agency says

Although burnt food is usually an accident – such as a pizza left in for 10 minutes too long – many people prefer the taste of it when it comes to toast, meats and more.

When food is cooked at a high temperature, a natural by-product called acrylamide is produced.

Acrylamide may be carcinogenic, suggesting burnt toast, burnt chips, or anything else that’s a little on the blackened side may be linked to an increase in cancer.

The chemical is more likely to be produced with roasting, grilling, toasting and frying.

The Food

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10 Food Trends of 2022 To Look Out For




Plant-based milks and meats, sustainable foods, health products…how will we be eating in 2022? It’s not just about the food itself anymore.

Rather, food trends cover everything from eating right to maintain mental health and immunity, and minimising food wastage, to cooking robots and new dairy options.

Here’s what 2022 could look like:

1. Increase in reducetarianism

Reducetarianism describes people who aren’t fully vegetarian or vegan but would like to consume less meat, dairy and eggs mainly for environmental reasons. How is that different from flexitarianism? Flexitarians primarily eat plant-based diets, with the occasional inclusion of meat, eggs, and dairy, while reducetarians are focused on gradually decreasing the amount of animal products they consume, with some opting to eliminate them completely.

2. Waste-free and upcycled foods

Did you know that one third of all food produced goes straight to waste, and that the carbon footprint of

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The Best Weight loss program Primarily based On Your Star Signal… And Why Carb

A platform for experimenting with new flavors and dishes, as well as parts of service, design and décor. The list is created from the votes of The World’s 50 Greatest Restaurants Academy, comprising over 1,000 worldwide restaurant business experts. The Academy is made up of 50% female voters and 50% male voters and it’s break up into 26 separate areas world wide. Every region has its personal voting panel of forty members together with a chairperson to head it up.

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