CES Showed Authentic Taste Is the Biggest Obstacle to Fake Meat like Impossible and Beyond

Although meat and dairy production is responsible for 15 percent of all global greenhouse gas emissions, like many people I continue to eat meat, fully aware that my addiction to hamburgers is currently causing the world to burn. The current options for meat-alternatives—whether it be the Beyonds, the Impossibles, or whatever else—can’t quite deliver the same savoriness and mouthfeel as a piece of steak cooked from what was once a living animal. I empathize with those who choose to ditch the pastrami and go cold turkey (pun intended). I wish I had the resolve to take a similar step. But for me, it’s going to take more convincing before I fork over my hard-earned moolah for a slice of partially hydrogenated soy.

I’m not alone—taste continues to be a barrier for many people to pivot to fake meat. And yet, the momentum for it continues to build—in large part

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Colorado Springs cooking school chef offers new food trends for 2022 | Lifestyle

Halloumi burgers, shiitake “bacon” and potato milk. Have you ever heard of these foods?

I hadn’t until I started doing research for a story on recent food trends.

After I wrote the article, I spoke with David Cook, co-owner of Gather Food Studio & Spice Shop, to see if he was familiar with any of these.

“I could write an entire book about what I’ve been noticing trending in the food industry,” he said.

16 food and drink trends for 2022: Buzz-less booze, turmeric, hibiscus and the new happy hour

Many of the trends I’d discovered were on his radar, too — and halloumi burgers are actually sold at Burger King.

“Halloumi is a Middle Eastern cheese that can be grilled,” Cook said. “This sandwich, which I’m seeing ads for, is touted as two deep-fried pieces of halloumi with bacon, lettuce and tomato on a brioche bun.”

To make shiitake

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