Support local restaurants during slow summer by eating seafood, wings

Life slows down during the summer on the Treasure Coast.

With the snowbirds flying (or driving) north away from the heat, local restaurants typically take a hit during the slower summer months.

That means it’s up to the locals to support small business by eating some of the best food in Martin, St. Lucie and Indian River counties.

Seafood outdoors

It’s time to enjoy an ice-cold beer and a pile of chilled peel-and-eat shrimp. Check out some of these 80 Treasure Coast restaurants that have seafood and outdoor seating.

Seafood outdoors:Seafood restaurants with outdoor dining to celebrate summer

Waterfront restaurants

Enjoy an ocean view despite the heat at waterfront restaurants with outdoor seating across the Treasure Coast.

Waterfront outdoors:Try these waterfront restaurants with outdoor dining

Vegan, vegetarian

Be healthy and get beach-body ready for the summer at one of the few strictly vegan (no animal products) or vegetarian

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The yummy, healthy benefits of wet food for dogs

Dogs easily come to be bored taking in the very same issue each day and some proprietors have to offer with canines who are finicky eaters. When this happens, pet entrepreneurs could want to contemplate experimenting with a new flavor, or introducing wet food in their dog’s meal.

Balanced preferences tedious – says who?

Dr. Saza Curaming, Scientific Communications Manager of Mars Pet Diet for Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, says: “Wet foodstuff does not only contain 70 to 80 percent far more nutritional vitamins and minerals that your pet requires, it is also substantial in protein, furnishing a comprehensive and nutritionally well balanced meal. Much more curiously, its regularity is quite interesting to most puppies.”

Dr. Saza Curaming jointly with her doggy, Matchi, a five-calendar year old Mini Schnauzer`

Soaked food stuff provides 38 essential vitamins and minerals to fortify your dog’s immune procedure and continue to keep them content

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