Wolastoqiyik communities will get three sisters plants in a bag to reintroduce traditional food

On a bright sunny day, battling a swarm of black flies, six Indigenous ladies met 19 kilometres north of Fredericton to commence potting the a few sisters vegetation in an hard work to reintroduce regular foods to the 6 Wolastoqiyik communities in New Brunswick..

The plants they used were being flint corn, butternut squash and purple scarlet runner beans.

The introduction of European staples, these types of as sugar, lard and milk, have led quite a few Indigenous individuals to have an unhealthy partnership with food stuff, mentioned Amanda Myran, the well being solutions manager with the Wolastoqey Tribal Council. 

And she explained this undertaking can aid repair service that relationship. 

“It became distinct that reconnecting our community members to our ancestral food stuff resources, like corn, beans and squash, would be a way of … drawing on that ancestral knowledge to have healthy relationships with foodstuff once again,” mentioned

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Leaked Records Show Veterans, Service Members Joined White Supremacist Group

  • Leaked chat records from a white supremacist group show many applicants claim to have current or former ties to the US military. 
  • The records were posted online by Unicorn Riot, a media collective known for reporting on extremist groups. 
  • Applicants with military backgrounds said they could offer skills like “Marine martial arts” and the ability to “clear rooms.” 

Leaked chat records and membership applications show roughly one in five people who applied to join the white supremacist group Patriot Front claimed to have current or former ties to the US military, according to documents published by Unicorn Riot and analyzed by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

SPLC, a civil rights nonprofit that tracks hate groups, found that 18 of the 87 people who applied said they were either in the military or veterans, with a number highlighting skills picked up through the military.

Applicants reportedly

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