June 5, 2023


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8 best sipping tequilas you should know about

Tequila: Everything you should know, and the 13 best brands - Business  Insider

There always have been a few beverages that are known to be famous among people for decades. Such beverages include soft drinks, alcohol, cocktails, and many more like these. All such beverages are famous among people till date. These beverages have remained on the top of Best liqueurs online deals and on the list of most sold beverages in the bars since years.  Many consume them occasionally and many consume them daily, weekly, or say monthly. These are loved by people. One beverage that gained its importance a few years back is tequila. People didn’t know about the gem of a drink they are missing out on until they started manufacturing it properly. 

Tequila has become a known and loved drink from being unknown and not liked by people. It has come a long way. This beverage gained importance when well-known companies started manufacturing it on a large scale and following the necessary process needed to make it. After this, many tequilas were manufactured by many companies and the majority of them were sold in large quantities. We are here to tell you about some tequilas that are best in taste and one should know about them. 

Tres Agaves Organic Anejo Tequila:

Anyone who is looking for a full organic tequila should pick this one. A Tres agaves organic Anejo tequila is made from all the organic components and things like pesticides and other chemicals are not used in its production. It is made from the blue agave plant and is known for being aged for more than 15 months. The taste you will get the moment you will take its first sip will be of the agave plant, spices, and caramel. You will easily get this one at a very affordable price. One should sip it at least once to enjoy the organic taste it has to offer.

Patron Gran Patron Piedra:

I would like to tell you one thing about this tequila before going into further details. This one is expensive but for all the right reasons. We are not talking about those reasons here. Manufacturing of this beverage takes more than 3 years. Agave is crushed through a stone wheel. After going through fermentation, distillation, and aging the final product that is presented to you is a gran patron piedra giving a perfect taste of fruit, mushrooms, and a bit of citrus. A beverage that is made through a time-consuming process must be worth every sip.

Chamucos Reposado Tequila:

There are two things about this tequila that makes it an outstanding one. The first one is its bottle and the second one is its taste. The bottle of this beverage is made from recycled glass pieces. These pieces are collected and then molded into a bottle. All of this is done manually. The taste of this tequila is very unique and the reason behind this is that its manufacturer cares a lot about what’s going inside the bottle. This drink has a perfect balance of fruit and spices. You will love the taste of tobacco characteristics that this beverage has to offer. 

Don Fulano Blanco:

The first sip of this tequila will give you a taste of 3 things at a time. The first one that you will get will be of pepper, the second one will be of lemongrass and the third one will be of green agaves. The taste that Don Fulano Blanco offers excites the one having it. You will become a fan of it after having it the first time. Fonseca family are the manufacturers behind this amazing drink that you get to taste.  

Siete Leguas Reposado Tequila:

Are you looking for a tequila that gives a taste of pure cooked agave? Then you should pick a Siete Leguas reposado. Lemon, butterscotch, and vanilla are the three different things that people can sense while smelling it. The taste that one gets after its first sip is of cooked agave. Other notes that support the taste of agave are vanilla and butter. If you compare a Blanco with a Resposado that gives the perfect agave taste then I am sure Resposado will take over Blanco. 

Clase Azul Reposado Tequila:

The first thing that will attract you towards this tequila is its hand-painted bottle. This tequila comes in a beautiful white ceramic bottle that has blue designs made by hand. A Clase Azul Reposado Tequila is not aged for a period less than even a year. But that doesn’t mean that it is not worth having tequila. The palatable taste it has tells as if it is aged longer than the other known and tasty tequilas. The rich sweet flavor it has is a must thing that one should try.

Tapatio Tequila Blanco:

The four things are citrus fruit, pineapple, black pepper, and cooked agave are the main components of this tequila. The best thing about a Tapatio Tequila Blanco is that it has an intense taste and smell and because of which any drink that it is mixed into cannot overpower its taste. This tequila takes a few months to get prepared. The exciting taste it has cannot be explained in words so you better try it to experience it on your own.

Qui Platinum Extra Anejo Tequila:

This tequila is unique for one specific reason and that reason should also be known by you. A Qui platinum extra Anejo tequila has a crystal clear color and that is because of a filtration system it goes through that removes its dark color. The smell of alcohol is also removed from this tequila through this process. This one is known to be a rich liquid and has a sweet and floral taste. The two flavors that you get when you sip it are of honey and butter scotch. You are missing something very exciting if you have not tasted it yet.

Just hold on your red and white wine for a while and explore these 8 best sipping tequilas. If you haven’t tried any from the above list then the first thing you should do after reading this is to grab some tequilas, of course, the one you like and enjoy them.