November 30, 2022


Food loaded for bear

Chef found guilty for serving shepherd’s pie where one customer died, 31 others had food poisoning

A British chef was sentenced after a shepherd’s pie he cooked killed one customer and caused 31 others to suffer from food poisoning, according to The Guardian.

The incident happened at a British pub where members of the Holy Trinity Church congregation gathered for a meal.

Shepherd’s pie is a British dish with minced meat mixed with gravy and onions and topped with a layer of mashed potatoes. This deadly pie had mince that was incorrectly prepared, causing one individual to die of a gastrointestinal hemorrhage from constant vomiting, The Guardian reported.

The chef was given a four-month suspended jail sentence after agreeing to charges that he violated food regulations, according to The Guardian.

The incident was an accident, with the chef saying he was “rushed” and felt horrible about the incident, The Guardian reported.

“Remorse is an understatement. This is something I will never forget. Because of it, I am a better chef and it is just a shame the cost of it had to be what it was,” he said.

The Crewe Arms, the pub where the incident occurred, was a popular spot serving food and ale, with two gardens, quiz nights and a dog-friendly policy.

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According to The Guardian, the judge of the trial pointed out that the “pub should have been taking steps to be improving. Inspections in 2015 gave it three stars and in 2017 gave it only a one star.”

However, the pub owners posted on Facebook that they only recently took over the Crewe Arms and had nothing to do with the incident, which they say occurred in 2018.

“We are the new owners of the Crewe Arms and have been here only 12 weeks, this includes all of our staff too,” they said in the post. “We are working with all the village to make sure the Crewe stays as part of the community for years to come.”

The congregation did not seek retribution from the pub itself, stating that it was a fixture in the local community and that the incident was an anomaly, The Guardian reported.

Members of the community expressed their support on social media, calling the pub a “warm inviting place to be” and “a lovely atmosphere.”

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This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Chef guilty for serving deadly shepherd’s pie