January 29, 2023


Food loaded for bear

Communities Eat: Finding traditional Japanese food in Sudbury

Kako’s Kitchen area uses a Japanese system of cooking named ‘washoku’ that prioritizes local and seasonal elements to create a harmonious, mild and sensitive meal

There aren’t numerous solutions for traditional Japanese cooking in Sudbury, but that’s why Takako Boyle took it on herself to provide her society to Sudbury. 

Boyle experienced her grand opening for her cafe Kako’s Kitchen area just a pair of months in the past on June 4 and she procedures ‘washoku’ in her cooking. 

‘Washoku’ is a apply of traditions in making, presenting and consuming meals. It is meant to showcase area and seasonal components in a harmonious, balanced way and the food can ideal be explained as very mild and a delicate blend of flavours.

Sudbury.com visited Kako’s Kitchen area to working experience her meals. You can check out a TikTok of our flavor exam below.


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This is the kind of cooking her mother employed to do for her, and she desired to make absolutely sure her three youngsters have been also uncovered to this society. That is also why she is one particular of the direct organizers for the Japan Festival this calendar year. 

Since she works by itself, her bento bins and vegan ramen frequently provide out.

“I can make up to 20 or 25 a working day for bento bins and for vegan ramen, much too. It is limited so it sells out very immediately,” Boyle instructed Sudbury.com. 

Her bento packing containers and ramen ingredients frequently improve as perfectly for the reason that she takes advantage of fresh new, seasonal and local substances to put together her dishes. Boyle explained to Sudbury.com that she receives a new batch of mushrooms every single week from The Unsightly Barn Farm and some of the substances in her kitchen area, she built herself. 

Boyle discovered from a classic ‘koji’ maker how to put together ingredients. Koji is cooked rice and/or soybeans fermented and utilized in miso, soya sauce, mirin, sake and a checklist of other ingredients. 

In her circumstance, she has been utilizing her koji to make handmade mirin and she also had miso that is been aged two several years in her stock. The miso is darker in color than the regular miso you would see in store simply because it is been aged extended, the flavour is deeper as well.

Kako’s Kitchen is open up from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. from Wednesdays to Saturdays. The bento bins, vegan ramen and mochi are available until finally they’re offered out or till 2:30 p.m. From 2:30 p.m. to shut the cafe serves the conventional tonkotsu (pork) ramen.