February 2, 2023


Food loaded for bear

Foodies Assemble! These Are The 50 Signs That Prove You’re A Foodie

Would you consider yourself a foodie? Being a foodie is so much more than just enjoying stuffing your face with delicious food, apparently.

According to delivery-only restaurant group Taster, there are 50 signs that you’re a foodie – from visiting foodie festivals and planning all your social events around food, to eating other people’s leftovers (guilty…) and always thinking about the next meal (definitely guilty).

But how many of these apply to you? In other words, are you as much of a foodie as you thought?

50 signs you’re a foodie

  • Visiting another city or country purely for the food
  • Cooking from scratch whenever possible
  • Being adventurous in the kitchen
  • Knowing what different cooking terms mean e.g. folding, searing, braising etc
  • Not being afraid to try something new
  • Having kitchen cupboards full of ingredients e.g. sauces and spices
  • Visiting food events in your city e.g. a beer festival or pop up market
  • Trying new dishes each time you eat out
  • Knowing where cuts of meat come from
  • Knowing all the food hotspots in your hometown
  • Knowing how to bake/cook something without a recipe
  • Regularly watching food/cooking shows on TV
  • Regularly visiting street food markets
  • Being open to trying different types of street food
  • Spending any free time cooking or baking
  • Eating at a Michelin star restaurant
  • Owning lots of cookbooks
  • Hosting/inviting people around for food regularly
  • Weekend plans revolving around food
  • Being the person people ask for cooking tips or recipes
  • There’s not a food you won’t try
  • Understanding every word on a menu
  • Importing foods/ingredients which aren’t sold in the UK   
  • Shopping at independent food shops for ingredients
  • Following food influencers/chefs on social media        
  • Reading food blogs
  • Prioritising spending money on food over other things        
  • Knowing how to pronounce exotic ingredients
  • Getting excited by mealtimes
  • Having your own social media page dedicated to food
  • Owning top of the range cooking equipment        
  • Taken cookery/baking classes
  • Regularly posting photos of your food on social media
  • Planning all social events around food
  • Owning every type of kitchen utensil
    these signs prove you’re a true foodie

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    • Eating a different cuisine each day of the week
    • Supporting independent food brands/restaurants
    • Owning a fancy set of chopping knives
    • Dining out at least once a week
    • Comfortable dining out alone
    • Always thinking about the next meal
    • Knowing restaurants/takeaway owners by first name
    • Knowing the names of TV chefs
    • Spending the majority of your pay cheque on food
    • Following Instagram cook-along lives
    • Planning meals ahead of time
    • Knowing all the best local takeaways
      these signs prove you’re a true foodie

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      • Knowing how to use chopsticks
      • Being the designated birthday cake baker in your family
      • Eating other people’s leftovers

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