Health Watch: Food poisoning

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) -This is Dr. Larson at Creekside Medical Clinic. the Superbowl is this weekend and with the big game comes the big game meals and snacks but those snacks can lead to food poisoning when they become contaminated typically with disease-causing bacteria. The CDC estimates that 48 million get sick, 128 thousand get hospitalized, and three thousand people pass away each year from food poisoning. They recommend 4 basic steps to keep yourself and your family safe when chowing down during the big game. Number 1 wash your cutting board, counters, and knives with hot soapy water and wash your hands between each food item. Number 2 keep your raw fruits and veggies separate from your meats including using separate cutting boards. Number 3, cook your meat to safe temperatures, fish to 145 degrees, beef and pork to 145 degrees, ground beef and pork to 165 degrees, and turkey and chicken to 165 degrees, don’t show look to see if the meat is cooked be sure to use a meat thermometer. Number 4 use the two-hour rule, put foods in the fridge or freezer after two hours of cooking them or buying them from the store, and never thaw food by leaving it on the counter, and be sure to marinate your food on the counter. Following these steps will help keep you safe this weekend and beyond

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Saturday February 6, 2021