December 7, 2022


Food loaded for bear

How To Stop Wasting Food in 2022 | 6 Effective Ways

On a general note, people have no idea how much food is wasted every day. From scraps to rotting vegetables and fruits, foods are thrown into the bin. 

However, these nutritious foods could have easily been consumed rather than wasted. 

When you save as much food as possible, you ensure that future generations enjoy the planet. You can do this by consuming a sensible amount for you and your family.  

Prepare a meal or order a meal that would be enough for you and doesn’t get wasted. With the Marley Spoon discount codes & promo codes, you can avoid food waste by eating healthy food in portions and saving money.

33% of foodstuff in the United States gets unused. EPA did some math and showed that around 81 percent of families’ squandered food winded up in landfills or waste-to-energy facilities in 2018.

Advantages of saving food

  • Save money – Saving food essentially means saving money. You need to get into the mentality of purchasing what you need. Consume what you purchase, and stop food from getting wasted
  • Save energy & resources – Whenever food is squandered, resources like; energy, water, and land are wasted. The same resources that are utilized in handling producing, shipping, planning, and storing are also wasted.
  • Diminish ozone harming gas – Did you know that 85 percent of harmful gases are emitted from wasted food? These gases destroy the ozone layer at a significant rate. Therefore when you waste less food, you will be making sure that the earth’s protective layer isn’t harmed

Crucial Steps To Avoid Wasting Food

There are several ways by which you can avoid food waste and help the cause. Some of the tips are shared below to assist you in understanding the ways.

1. Store Food Properly

The lifespan of food depends on when you will store food; the sooner you store it in the fridge, you will get more time. 

Take an apple as an example; it can last for around two months and can be longer if stored in a fruit bowl.

Before you start organizing and storing food in your fridge, check the fridge’s temperature. It is suggested to keep your fridge running at a low temperature than 5C. Read the user manual if you don’t know how to set the fridge temperature.

Whenever you want to eat the food you stored, take the meal out of the fridge and use your microwave to heat it before eating.

2. Purchase Plastic-Free Fruit and Vegetables

A study proves that fruits and vegetables in plastic wrappers get rot faster than loose fruit and veggies and that individuals buy more food and get wasted.

A research study proves that putting fruits and vegetables in plastic wraps can decrease their lifespan. This helps in contributing to the reduction of global warming. 

  • Some root vegetables like broccoli and carrots can be recovered if turned limp by putting them into cold water for some time. 
  • Herbs can last longer if you put them in a glass of water in the fridge.
  • Apples that start turning soft can also be saved if you chop them and juice them. 
check expiry date of food

3. Check Food Expiry Dates 

Another important tip is understanding the dissimilarity between “best before” and “use-by.” Dates mentioned with “use-by” are for safety. food with use-by dates means eating or using the food before the date mentioned. After that date, the food will probably decay or rot, resulting in food poisoning.

Food mentioned with “best before” dates can be used even after the mentioned date has passed. The quality of that food won’t be the same as there might be a difference in its texture and flavor, but it is safer to eat if it has decayed.

Products that have use-by dates mentioned are yogurt, milk, and many more dairy products. 

WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) claims that grocery stores and supermarkets should stop using “best before” labels on fresh products, especially those that are stored in the refrigerator.

4. Make Use Of The Technology

  • With the help of technology, you can avoid more food waste by getting an application that links you with the neighborhood. Where you can share and donate extra food. 
  • Besides that, your smartphone can help prepare a shopping list and click a picture inside your fridge or shelves. By doing that, you can know the products you already have and buy them again. 
  • There’s another way if you want your food to last long, purchase a vacuum storage system. It assists in preserving foods from avocados to pastries by sucking air around the food container. This way you can increase the lifespan while storing in the fridge. 

5. Repurpose Leftovers

Repurpose Leftovers

You can reuse the food left in your fridge from last night and prepare different recipes i.e., you can prepare a taco salad from tacos. Search the food you have stored in your fridge and look out for recipes that include the produce.

6. Meal Kit Services

Meal kit services are getting on-trend day by day and can be useful to save time and food. Several meal kit services provide fresh, healthy ingredients with a recipe, so you don’t have to go through the grocery stores or worry about your health.

Many people have a problem with cooking food for themselves as they have a hard time managing their daily routine. 

For that reason, food stored in the fridge doesn’t last long and decays easily. Why waste food when you can use the Marley Spoon coupon & promo code? With their services, you can enjoy a fresh nutritional meal at good prices from Marley Spoon.