FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — A Fresno chef is bringing a fresh idea to the local food truck scene.

“Tepp On Wheels” is the latest innovation hoping to carve out a space in the highly-competitive market.

“I saw it happen in other cities and states that I follow on Instagram and I saw they were doing it,” owner Tony Yangnouvong said. “I was like, ‘Let’s bring a teppanyaki truck to Fresno. Let’s make it happen.'”

Mobile Teppanyaki is not a new idea but not many operators have the experience behind a flat top griddle quite like Yangnouvong.

The Fresno native has worked all over the country, including several local teppanyaki restaurants, perfecting his craft the last 15 years before deciding to take his skills on the road

“So far, everyone has been supportive. Everybody’s loving it, family is supportive, friends, new people I never met before have been supportive and liking what we’re doing,” said Yangnouvong.

Tepp On Wheels offers a number of mouth-watering bowls and entrees that include traditional proteins like chicken, shrimp and steak.

You can find its location by checking out its Instagram account or at a number of Fresno Street Eats events, including this Friday at the 559 Night Market in Fresno’s Chinatown district.

“We kind of felt like in Fresno, we needed a cool night market type vibe like they have in LA and the Bay. We met up with Central Fish, they said they’d love to do it and it was actually their idea and it was a big hit last year. So this is the return of it for 2022,” said Fresno Street Eats founder Mike Oz.

If you’re looking for a quick meal teppanyaki meal, Tepp On Wheels can accommodate you but if you want the traditional teppankyaki show, Tony and the gang can do that for you as well.

“If we have time, we can do it all,” he said. “Flames, volcanos, we’re here to please our customers.”

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