Properly disposing of any leftover grease from your holiday cooking can help save you a headache.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — When holiday cooking kicks into high gear, it’s not just the dishes that start to pile up. By the time you’re done cooking that juicy, tender turkey you’ll probably have a good amount of leftover fat and grease to deal with.

Louisville’s Metropolitan Sewer District is reminding everyone to properly dispose of any leftover fats to avoid any unnecessary stress this Holiday season.

MSD said to avoid dumping grease down the kitchen drain as it could cause home sewer backups.

“When greasy wastes wash into the plumbing system through your sink or garbage disposal, they can stick to the pipes,” MSD said.

They said to avoid using the garbage disposal as they don’t prevent fats and oils from flowing down the drain. And grease dissolving detergents won’t help either.

“The grease may still cause problems in the sewer lines as they leave your home,” MSD said. “The grease and food debris builds up over time, making the pipe’s interior smaller and smaller, which can cause a messy sewer backup into your home.”

They also said not to throw away oil from deep-fryers on the ground or in storm drains. This pollutes waterways and clogs storm pipes.

Instead, MSD recommends recycling deep-fryer oil by taking it to one of Louisville’s grease drop-off points.

Here are some safe ways to safely dispose of cooking grease:

  • Pour the grease into a heat-safe container and put it in the fridge, once it has solidified, toss the grease in the trash.
  • Scape food waste in the trash and wipe dishes and cooking utensils with a paper towel to soak up excess grease before you wash them.
  • Use a basket or strainer to catch grease and throw it away afterwards.

For more information on disposing of fats, oils and grease, check out MSD’s website.

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