November 30, 2022


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Non-traditional Toppings to Put on Your Popcorn

10 Delicious Popcorn Recipes to Try -

It’s time to get creative with your popcorn! We all know the traditional way of eating it is by shaking some salt on top, but have you ever tried adding other toppings? If not, then you’re missing out on a lot from one of the world’s favourite snacks.

Did you know that there are endless potential flavour combinations for your favourite snack? From savoury to sweet, the sky is literally the limit when it comes down to what specific flavours will pop up at any given time. To get started with this new culinary adventure in style let’s take a look at some creative topping ideas!

1. Buffalo style popcorn.

A buffalo-inspired seasoning adds just enough heat to complement the cool robust ranch flavour. To achieve this flavour, add a dash of hot sauce or cayenne pepper to popcorn that’s topped with ranch dressing. This spicy-savoury touch gives an extra kick to each popcorn bite, making it perfect for beer nights or movie marathons.

2. Cookies ‘n cream.

Cookies ‘n Cream is the best way to make any party more enjoyable. With its sweet, creamy chocolate flavour, you can’t go wrong with this snack at your next event! Simply crush up Oreo cookies before mixing into the white chocolate popcorn balls that are filled with even more delicious ingredients like nuts or candy bars.

3. Toasted coconut.

If you want a sweet and salty snack, then this is the perfect treat. To make your own Samoa cookie-inspired popcorn balls (slightly healthier), simply put shredded coconut in an oven at 350 degrees for five minutes before adding melted dark chocolate to coat everything evenly; let cool slightly before eating!

The toasted coconut is the perfect balance for dark chocolate, adding just enough sweetness without being overpowering. If you’re looking for something more on top of your popcorn flavour though, feel free drizzle caramel over the popcorn balls before serving.

4. Apple-caramel.

With its tangy sweetness and crunchiness, caramel apples are a guilty pleasure that we cannot get enough of. The same can be said for our favourite snack: popcorn with apple caramel sauce! This sweet-salty combo will have you craving more than just one bite – but don’t worry because there’s plenty to go around as well.

The apple is the perfect partner for caramel in this snack. You can taste its tartness on top of sweetness, which makes it so good! To make sure you get all these great flavours without any apples left behind when making your own popcorn mix at home, follow these simple steps: Dice the apples up into ¼ – ½ inch cubes once completed combine with plenty of popping corn then add in some butter or coconut oil before adding additional salt if desired.

5. Dark chocolate and cherry.

The dark chocolate and sweet cherry combination are a great way to add some extra flavour in your popcorn. Experts recommend using maraschino cherries because they come with the syrup much like cherry juice so you get that juicy sweetness without worrying about stems or pits! Drizzle them on top of dark chocolate popcorn alongside melted cream cheese for an even more intense taste experience.