These are America’s 40 most influential cooks

American cuisine is a hodge podge of different cultural influences, many of which are informed by chefs, food writers and home cooks from all over the country. These 40 food historical influencers have left an indelible mark on the world of American food, each shaping what regular Americans cook and eat every day.

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This 5-ingredient ‘nduja butter orzo is a spicy, buttery one-pot meal

In 2009, Greg Morago of the Houston Chronicle interviewed chef and TV host Claire Robinson, who was in the midst of promoting the fourth season of her hit Food Network program “Five Ingredient Fix.” As the title suggests, Robinson, who is a French Culinary Institute graduate, would craft dishes from five ingredients (not counting pantry staples like salt, pepper and oil) that would work for both weeknight dining and special entertaining. 

Morago asked Robinson why she had decided on five ingredients. Why not four, six or 10? 

“Five is an amount of ingredients I can always remember at the store on one hand, yet still the amount of ingredients needed to put together an amazing-tasting recipe,” Robinson responded. “Each recipe is full of flavor but not the end of taste possibility. Therefore, rather than limiting myself, I am choosing the essential ingredients for a wonderful recipe and allowing people to

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Bobby Flay on the next generation of cooking heroes

When I was in grammar school, my afterschool TV watching consisted of two superheroes: Julia Child, and the “Galloping Gourmet,” Graham Kerr.

Julia would bring classic French dishes like Coq au vin and Cassoulet to life, while Mr. Kerr was the ultimate in fancy 1970s bachelor cuisine, and would end every show plucking a lovely lady from his live audience to sit and have dinner with. Two different approaches, but they both helped shape the dinner tables of America for decades.
Julia and Graham had a pretty uninterrupted run as the King and Queen of cuisine as we knew it. Yes, there were other entrants here and there, but no one really made a dent, until the early ’90s, when someone had an idea to launch an entire network based on cooking. When the Food Network launched, it did so with a bunch of not-so-media-savvy cooks and chefs (me included),

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Computer Science And Technology Schooling

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