Top Chef alum Tu David Phu returns to his Vietnamese roots with signature dish

OAKLAND, Calif — Cooking is the heart and soul of Chef Tu David Phu. The Oakland native believes cooking for others is the purest form of love. He remembers watching his mom in the kitchen at a young age, which sparked his passion for cooking.

“I started cooking with my mom when I was five years old and had this amazing obsession with her food. She would let me taste things. And that’s how I learned how to taste, not just cook,” Chef Tu said.

Chef Tu is a California-born first-generation Vietnamese-American chef whose family comes from the island of Phu Quoc. He remembers the struggles and hardships he and his family faced over the years.

“We grew up very, very poor. And I think for many years, I had self-shame about my identity and my own story. And given the fact that my parents have been laborers their

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Craig Melvin helps teen cook a meal with chef Andrew Zimmern

For Juan Murguia, cooking with his family is a celebration and a time of comfort. He, his parents and his grandmother share a “mutual love for food,” and time in the kitchen has turned into an important part of their daily lives.

While his family is close now, 19-year-old Murguia told TODAY’s Craig Melvin that it hasn’t always been that way: There used to be “a lot of conflict” and “a lot of fighting” in the family, and his parents didn’t get along to the degree that Murguia “couldn’t speak either of their names in a different household.” The family divisions led him to focus on cooking.

“Food is the one thing that’ll never turn its back on me,” Murguia said. “You get lost in your own world with cooking and it’s like something takes your mind away from everything completely. Family left but the food stayed. It’s something

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Food & Cocktail Cooking Series with Chef La Che

The Las Vegas Review-Journal and La Bonita Supermarkets teamed up to bring you a virtual food & cocktail cooking series.  The first episode took place on March 18, 2021, where Chef La Che cooked a delicious paella dish, paired nicely with a refreshing mojito, and ended  with a light dessert of strawberries and cream.  Learn more or register for future episodes.

Paella is a Spanish rice dish from Valencia, Spain, and is one of Spain’s best-known recipes.  Two types of meat are usually in the traditional dish and the original paella recipe called for chicken and rabbit. Seafood is often a main ingredient, including  shrimp, mussels, or the local catch of the day.  Paella is traditionally cooked in a large round pan and shared among family and friends.  Another important tip when making paella is not constantly stirring while cooking after the rice is incorporated, so that the socarrat begins

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Bay Area chef heads to Alaska to compete for $50K on Food Network show

When Danville chef Aly Romero first showed up in Alaska with her teammates to compete on the newest season of “The Great Food Truck Race,” she wasn’t exactly dressed for the occasion.

“We showed up in jeans and sneakers,” said Romero, laughing. “It’s the kind of cold where people tell you it’s going to be cold, but you don’t really realize what that feels like until you get there.”

Celebrity chef Tyler Florence dubbed this season of “The Great Food Truck Race” as its “most extreme season ever,” with the frigid conditions of Alaska playing a large part in the conflict.

Romero had no prior food truck or sub-zero temperature experience, but with the help of two friends (fellow Bay Area chefs Jocelyn Denson and Flora Londre), she set out to brave the elements in hopes of winning the show’s grand prize: $50,000. The three women launched a food truck

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