New season of ‘Masterchef Junior’ features Atlanta cook

Believe it or not, some TV series shot before the pandemic are only now being rolled out. Case in point: Fox’s “Masterchef Junior.”

The series returned March 17 for its eighth season with 16 young chefs ages 8 to 13, including Atlanta’s own A’Dan Lisaula. He shot the show in the fall of 2019 when he was only 10.

He just turned 13. “I feel like I’ve grown two feet since then,” he said, only slightly exaggerating.

At the same time, he added. “I don’t remember much. My brain is so fuzzy. I’m embarrassed to see myself cry a lot.”

He said he has changed not only in height but also attitude since the show. “When I was 10, I was a little bit cocky,” he said. “I am more humble now. I know what my limits are. And my cooking has elevated since then. I want to elevate

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Jussie Smollett Fasting in Cook County Jail, Only Drinking Water

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Cook who once experienced homelessness creates a sandwich to help Grand Rapids shelter

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Miguel Morales, a cook at Downtown Peppinos, is very familiar with the help and hope Dégagé Ministries offers to homeless individuals in the community.

Five months ago, he came to Grand Rapids from Miami, Florida seeking a change and needed support from the group, who helped him find housing and get the job at the eatery.

“When I got to Grand Rapids, I didn’t have a place to stay, and they opened doors for me when I got here,” said Morales, about the nonprofit.

That’s why Morales and the restaurant wanted to support Dégagé Ministries with its mission. Last week, Peppinos promoted a $13 sub sandwich, created by Morales, called the “Miguel Sub” to help Morales in his desire to give back to the nonprofit.

Chris Cutting, general manager for Peppinos in downtown Grand Rapids, said Morales came to him about making copies of the specials

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The best air fryers vs deep fryers to buy in 2022 and what foods to cook in them

Roast potatoes

Cut floury potatoes into chunks and parboil then shake them; allow to dry and drizzle with a little oil. Air-fry for about 25 minutes on the highest setting, turning twice, until golden and crisp.


As long as they don’t have lots of sauce, leftovers are often better reheated in the air fryer than the microwave. They’ll regain their crisp edges rather than going soggy.


If you have an air fryer with a paddle, like the Tefal ActiFry or the De’Longhi MultiFry, it will have a solid base rather than a rack, meaning you can cook more liquid food, including a proper stirred risotto.


The small space means it won’t dry out and smells are limited. Rub lightly with oil or pané with breadcrumbs and air-fry until crisp and golden.


Gets crisp and stays juicy, though it’s worth checking with a digital thermometer that

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