Goa wants rich tourists, not ones who cook food on a bus: State Tourism Minister

Goa wants rich tourists, not ones who cook food on a bus: State Tourism Minister

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Goa wants rich tourists, not ones who cook food on a bus: State Tourism Minister

When asked about the post-pandemic revival of the tourism industry in Goa, the Tourism Minister Manohar Ajgaonkar on Tuesday said, “We don’t want tourists who consume drugs and who spoil Goa. We don’t want tourists who come to Goa and cook food on a bus. We want the richest tourists.”

Goa is considered to be the country’s most popular tourist destination.

“We welcome all tourists but they should enjoy themselves while respecting Goa’s culture,” he added. The minister said the BJP-led government in Goa is “completely against drugs”.

The Goa Assembly on January 31, 2019, amended the state tourism law, prohibiting cooking and drinking alcohol in public places. Open cooking and drinking on beaches and breaking glass bottles in public was made a criminal offence with fines of Rs 2,000.

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Cook this: Make this tasty edible vessel – squash!

There is something supremely satisfying about consuming an entire dish, including, well, the dish itself. Presenting food in food, or edible vessels, is not only efficient and no-waste, but it’s often highly decorative.

Certain foods lend themselves to standing in for a bowl or a container. A prime example is winter squash. These hardy vegetables have a hard, tough skin or shell that often gives way to vibrant, vitamin- and antioxidant-rich flesh. When the squash is halved and seeded, then roasted in the oven, the outer shell softens yet retains its shape, while the flesh becomes tender and sweet, thanks to ample natural sugars. As a result, the half becomes a whole meal when stuffed with grains, such as rice and bulgur, or protein-rich quinoa seeds. The stuffing is versatile and can be spiced and enhanced with other ingredients, such as sauteed aromatics (onion, celery, garlic), dried fruit, nuts, cheese

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Cozy fall comfort foods you’ll want to cook up ASAP

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Cook it like Beckham! Brooklyn Beckham reveals if mom or dad is the cook in the family

Sure, he may have soccer and performance genes, but where does Brooklyn Beckham get his cooking skills?

The oldest of David Beckham and Victoria Beckham’s four children was asked which parent was the cook in his family while he made an English breakfast sandwich Wednesday on TODAY.

“My dad,” he said.

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“He likes to cook anything — risotto, pasta, loves steak,” he added.

And while his father may know his way around the kitchen as well as he does a soccer field, the younger Beckham said the English-inspired breakfast sandwich he made actually was inspired by another relative.

“My great-grandma taught me how to make this, so it’s really special to me,” he said.

The 22-year-old said he has “always loved food” and became more passionate about cooking during quarantine.

“My fiancée

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