14 virtual cooking classes featuring cuisines from around the world

My husband and I love to cook, but even though we know our way around the kitchen, there’s always more we’re looking to learn.

Both before the COVID-19 pandemic and during, we’ve been big fans of taking virtual cooking classes together: Buying a nice bottle of wine, tying on our aprons and learning new techniques and recipes from some of the best chefs out there.

In recent months, we’ve learned everything from a great recipe for a roasted vegetable salad to how to arrange a gorgeous charcuterie plate. Virtual cooking classes have become one of our favorite in-home date nights, and the best part is that after the class, you get to sit down together and dine on the fruits of your labor.

Whether you’re just dipping your toe into the cooking class world or a seasoned pro looking for something a bit more challenging, these are some of

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Home cooking, booze demand fire up global grocery sales in 2020


Central Banks to Pour Money Into Economy Despite Sharp Rebound

(Bloomberg) — The aggressive rebound in global economic growth still isn’t enough for most of the world’s central banks to pull back on their emergency stimulus.In Bloomberg’s quarterly review of monetary policy covering 90% of the world economy, the Federal Reserve, European Central Bank and Bank of Japan are among the 16 institutions set to hold interest rates this year.The outlook suggests officials still want to guarantee the recovery from last year’s coronavirus recession by maintaining ultra-low borrowing costs and asset-buying programs. That may require them to accept any accompanying bounce in inflation.Six central banks, most of them in emerging markets, are still predicted to hike, including Brazil, Russia and Nigeria. Turkey is the only one of those monitored which is forecast to cut borrowing costs this year.What Bloomberg Economics Says:“For advanced economies, continued virus uncertainty, deep labor market

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When cooking too much food isn’t a mistake

Let’s talk about that time when cooking too much was not a mistake.

Not the time — or times — when you overestimated how much your family or guests might eat. Or the time (maybe the times) you cooked every recipe profiled on that cooking show that you watched while quarantined so many days last year.

No, I mean the time — and, I hope, times — that you cooked “too much” food on one day and used it for a meal or three down the week. The large pot of brown rice, say, that you lovingly coaxed to perfection for an hour on your stovetop one Sunday afternoon and spread out later over three delicious (and different) dinners.

Grains like bulgur often take time to prepare — and so we avoid preparing them on a given day because we do not wish to spend that time that day. (Getty
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Best Cooking Games for PC and Mobile

Some games are admittedly played to feel like we are better at something than we actually are in real life. Of course, virtual cooking is no exception. Although you may not be the next Guy Fieri, there are massive amounts of cooking games, on all platforms, that’ll give you the illusion that you are something of a Food Network star. With the recent embrace of indie games, there may actually be too many to navigate through. However, to ensure you discover the one that fits you perfectly, let’s dive into the small pocket of cooking games that really bring it to the table.

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Chef: A Restaurant Tycoon Game

a stack of flyers on a table: Image via Inner Void

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Image via Inner Void

For those who want to imagine running their own restaurant, Chef: A Restaurant Tycoon Game is the management game that uses both your cooking and business skills. You’ll have to

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