Delivery rider cooks food order himself after restaurant takes too long

Food delivery riders have become the unsung heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic, bringing delicious food to our doorsteps so we don’t have to risk getting infected when grabbing a bite to eat outside.

And for a lot of us, ordering-in has always been the norm, even in pre-COVID times. Either way, there’s no denying that we truly do rely on food delivery riders to make our lives just a tad bit easier.

However, not all orders proceed smoothly. Sometimes, especially during peak hours, you might have to wait a little bit longer before the delivery rider shows up at your doorstep with today’s lunch.

Taking things into his own hands, quite literally.

A food delivery rider in Malaysia has gone viral on social media after proceeding to make the very food order he was supposed to pick up, seeing that the restaurant itself was taking a bit too long to

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Fast Food Staff Shortage Forces Corporate Office to Step in As Cooks, Servers

A fast-food chain facing a labor shortage is taking a top-down approach in staffing its outlets, by sending its corporate employees to fry chicken and serve customers.

Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers has dispatched half of its office staff into some of its 530 branches across the U.S. this week. They will be at the coalface of the business as cooks and cashiers, while others will be working in recruitment, Bloomberg reported.

Raising Cane’s is headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and has 40,000 workers, with plans to expand next year when it plans to open more than 100 restaurants.

However, like many in the restaurant sector, it faces a labor shortage as firms have complained they are struggling to get staff.

In the short term, Raising Cane’s hopes to hire 10,000 workers over the next 50 days, assisted by a recruitment team sent to the restaurants.

The company says every

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Raising Cane’s puts corporate staff to work as fry cooks, cashiers amid staffing shortage

One national fast food chain is putting their corporate office employees to work in restaurants amid the ongoing worker shortage.

Raising Cane’s co-CEO and COO AJ Kumaran told TODAY Food that on a business call last week, he had mentioned they were “struggling to have meaningful crew members” in the field.

“Our business is very, very busy and we need more people,” he said he told folks on the call. “It’s very tough. So, before I knew it my phone started blowing up with people asking, ‘How can we help?”

Kumaran said everyone — even at the corporate level — is trained when they start at the company as a fry cook and cashier.

“If you look at my title, I am the COO, CEO, fry cook and cashier,” he explained. “So I said, ‘Well, why don’t we all step in and help group people and help fill

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The fast-food chain Raising Cane’s is sending corporate staff to work as fry cooks, cashiers, and recruiters in its restaurants amid an expansion drive and the labor shortage: report

Raising Cane's 5

A Raising Cane’s restaurant. Hollis Johnson

  • Corporate staff at Raising Cane’s will work as fry cooks and cashiers amid the labor shortage.

  • They will start going into restaurants this week, where they will also recruit staff, per Bloomberg.

  • About half of the 500-restaurant chain’s corporate staff will go into locations, Bloomberg reported.

A fast-food chain is asking corporate staff to fry chicken and serve customers in its restaurants amid an industrywide labor shortage, Bloomberg first reported.

Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers, which has more than 500 restaurants and is known for its chicken-finger meals, will send half of its corporate staff into branches across the US this week, Bloomberg reported.

The company wants to hire 10,000 workers over the next 50 days – the corporate staff will also work in recruitment at restaurants, according to Bloomberg.

Raising Cane’s told Insider that 200 people from its Dallas office were shipping

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