How delivery apps created ‘the Netflix of food ordering’

Husband and wife, Emre Uzundag and Yonca Cubuk, say they are now “living their small dream”, all thanks to a food delivery app.

The Turkish couple moved to New York in 2020, and due to coronavirus they found themselves stuck in their small apartment in Brooklyn.

Homesick, they started to cook more and more Turkish food, to help them cope with the stresses of lockdown. “Which was a mental necessity during the pandemic,” says Ms Cubuk.

They then moved on to cooking meals for friends around the city, and Ms Cubuk says the feedback was incredibly positive.

“They started to tell us that we should turn it into a career.”

Despite neither of the pair having worked as a professional chef before, last year they decided to take the plunge, and signed their business up to a new food delivery app called Woodspoon.

While the huge market-leading delivery apps, such

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WoodSpoon, a food delivery service offering home-cooked meals, opens in N.J.

An on-demand meal delivery service linking local chefs with people craving home-cooked meals announced its expansion to New Jersey this week after a successful trial run in New York.

Woodspoon enables customers to order food delivery from home chefs that includes everything from family meals to Michelin-star worthy creations.

According to Woodspoon, the home chefs specialize in a variety of cuisines, and the company handles business logistics like payment, packaging materials and delivery service.

A meal for two typically costs between $20-$40, Woodspoon said. It is ultimately up to the home chefs to price their dishes, although Woodspoon recommends competitive prices. The chefs keep their earnings.

Customers must pay a service fee that goes to Woodspoon to help cover payment transactions, packaging in eco-friendly containers, reusable bags and delivery,” according to the company.

In New York City, Woodspoon has a network of 250 chefs, who can create a profile

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Online food delivery to get costlier amid rising inflation, discount demands

a person riding a bicycle on a city street: Online food delivery to get costlier amid rising inflation, discount demands

© Nachiket Deuskar
Online food delivery to get costlier amid rising inflation, discount demands

Ordering food on platforms such as Swiggy and Zomato will likely get more expensive this year as both restaurants and cloud kitchens, which prepare food for delivery at the customer’s doorstep, seek to increase prices. 

Inflation is accelerating, with the consumer price index measuring it at a three-month high of 4.91 percent in November, and Swiggy and Zomato are pushing for more discounts for food delivery on their platforms. 

Despite a marginal drop on food items in December, experts say that it is unlikely to have prevented inflation considering other factors. Over the last year, vegetables, edible oil have seen an increase in costs along with high prices of petrol and diesel that pushed up transportation costs. Further, experts have cited that inflationary pressures may be strengthened going forward on account of the restrictions that are

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Delivery rider cooks food order himself after restaurant takes too long

Food delivery riders have become the unsung heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic, bringing delicious food to our doorsteps so we don’t have to risk getting infected when grabbing a bite to eat outside.

And for a lot of us, ordering-in has always been the norm, even in pre-COVID times. Either way, there’s no denying that we truly do rely on food delivery riders to make our lives just a tad bit easier.

However, not all orders proceed smoothly. Sometimes, especially during peak hours, you might have to wait a little bit longer before the delivery rider shows up at your doorstep with today’s lunch.

Taking things into his own hands, quite literally.

A food delivery rider in Malaysia has gone viral on social media after proceeding to make the very food order he was supposed to pick up, seeing that the restaurant itself was taking a bit too long to

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