Food Trends Come and Go, but Nigella Lawson Is Forever

Photo credit: Matt Hollyoak

Photo credit: Matt Hollyoak

Nigella Lawson still knows best.

The beloved British cookbook author has graced our bookshelves and television screens for more than two decades now, and her charmingly aloof yet unpretentious approach to cooking, food, and life has never resonated with home cooks more. Lawson—much like the rest of the world—couldn’t have predicted a global pandemic would upend restaurant culture and send us back to our kitchens for the bulk of a year. But the fact that her latest literary offering, Cook, Eat, Repeat, is filled with recipes that could easily be adapted through this unprecedented period of time? Well, that’s just the magic of Lawson herself: She always knows what we’ll need, far before we know we’ll need it.

Though Lawson’s cookbooks always tend to have a theme (i.e., a fresh focus on Italian fare in Nigellissima or baked confections in How to Be a

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When cooking too much food isn’t a mistake

Let’s talk about that time when cooking too much was not a mistake.

Not the time — or times — when you overestimated how much your family or guests might eat. Or the time (maybe the times) you cooked every recipe profiled on that cooking show that you watched while quarantined so many days last year.

No, I mean the time — and, I hope, times — that you cooked “too much” food on one day and used it for a meal or three down the week. The large pot of brown rice, say, that you lovingly coaxed to perfection for an hour on your stovetop one Sunday afternoon and spread out later over three delicious (and different) dinners.

Grains like bulgur often take time to prepare — and so we avoid preparing them on a given day because we do not wish to spend that time that day. (Getty
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25 ways to stop wasting <a href="" data-internallinksmanager029f6b8e52c="1" title="food">food</a> and save money

Tess Rose Lampert

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