A local Cherokee Chef is launching non-profit introducing indigenous foods to Tulsa

TULSA, Okla. — A local Cherokee chef is introducing indigenous foods to Tulsa by creating a space where the community can learn more about it, Burning Cedar Sovereign Kitchen.

The founder, Nico Albert, said her aim is to use ancestral food and wellness practices to help native communities in Tulsa, gather, heal, and grow.

Albert has worked as a cook for several Tulsa restaurants. She loves the kitchen and she also loves her culture. In 2020, she left her full-time job to launch her own catering and consulting business, Burning Cedar Indigenous Foods.

For two years now, she’s been sharing her native heritage through every dish.

“I don’t want to be the only indigenous catering game in town, you know, I would love to have some competition, so I’m going to train my own competition to put me out of business,” Albert said.

Now, she’s merging her passion for cooking

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The best air fryers vs deep fryers to buy in 2022 and what foods to cook in them

Roast potatoes

Cut floury potatoes into chunks and parboil then shake them; allow to dry and drizzle with a little oil. Air-fry for about 25 minutes on the highest setting, turning twice, until golden and crisp.


As long as they don’t have lots of sauce, leftovers are often better reheated in the air fryer than the microwave. They’ll regain their crisp edges rather than going soggy.


If you have an air fryer with a paddle, like the Tefal ActiFry or the De’Longhi MultiFry, it will have a solid base rather than a rack, meaning you can cook more liquid food, including a proper stirred risotto.


The small space means it won’t dry out and smells are limited. Rub lightly with oil or pané with breadcrumbs and air-fry until crisp and golden.


Gets crisp and stays juicy, though it’s worth checking with a digital thermometer that

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25 Healthy High-Fat Foods to Keep You Full and Satisfied

Healthy high-fat foods are a wonderful way to incorporate more flavor, satisfaction, and nutrition into every snack and meal. Along with making food taste richer and more tasty, of course, this macronutrient rocks for a few reasons. So before getting into a lengthy, mouthwatering list of fantastic high-fat foods to incorporate into your diet (many of which you probably already have in your pantry or fridge), let’s touch on the benefits of fat and the different types.

The important of giving fat a place in our diets may seem like common nutrition knowledge today. But before the days of the keto diet, high-carb low-fat foods and high-protein low-fat foods were widely considered better for you than any high-fat foods. The truth is that health-wise, fats play a vital role in numerous body functions, like cell growth and turnover, brain growth and development, and digestion, as SELF has reported. Fats

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Zydeco’s Louisiana Kitchen in Arizona serves Creole and Cajun foods

Just west of Phoenix, at her food truck in Goodyear, Lyn Thomas demonstrated how to make the ultimate muffaletta. Lyn, who hails from southern Louisiana, explained her technique as she layered slices of deli meats and cheeses on a round of bread the size of a baseball mitt.

“It’s important to take care of the sides, so you don’t get a bite of just bread,” Lyn said. Once she’s done, she’ll wrap the sandwich and put it in the fridge with something heavy stacked on top — that helps her handmade olive relish seep into the loaf.

A fragrant pot of dirty rice simmered on the stove of Zydeco’s Louisiana Kitchen, while the swinging notes of soprano saxophone, performed by New Orleans jazz musician Sidney Bechet, dance out from a quiet speaker.

Lyn’s husband, Top Thomas, likes to play a Pandora radio mix of southern soul, 40s and 50s jazz,

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