These are the worst cooking oils for your health, experts say

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Next time you cook up a storm or scan an ingredient list, steer clear of these bad-for-you oils

“Chronic, low-grade inflammation is the root cause of many diseases common to Western society. This inflammation is the result of, in part, an imbalance in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids,” said Trista K. Best, registered dietitian, Balance One Supplements. “Both are essential fatty acids, but omega-6 is highly inflammatory when it outnumbers omega-3’s and it is consumed in large amounts in the standard American diet.”

When you can, reach for nutrient-dense olive oil, which research shows can cut the risk of disease, and even help you live longer. In fact, olive oil is one of the healthiest foods for your heart and loaded with antioxidants and vitamins. 


For salad dressings,

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Food cooked at private residence thrown away during health inspection at Loudon restaurant

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — An unusual health violation and several critical violations at a Loudon restaurant led to a failing score during last week’s restaurant inspections.

Several of the violations could cause foodborne illness if not corrected.

Mailo’s Taco, 930 Mulberry St., Loudon — grade: 68

The grade is a 68 at Mailo’s Tacos on Mulberry Street in Loudon. That is a failing score. Any score below 70 is considered failing.

The health inspector discovered pinto beans had been prepared and cooked at a private residence. All restaurant food is supposed to be cooked and prepared in a state-permitted kitchen. Fifteen pounds of beans were thrown away.

Inside the kitchen an employee was seen dicing ready-to-eat tomatoes with his bare hands. To prevent potential illness, gloves are required when an employee touches any food.

Soap and paper towels were missing

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Can What We Eat Influence Our Mental Health?

When the pandemic hit, Jenny Lee headed to the grocery store like everybody else, stocking up on dry pasta, canned sauces and frozen food—mostly processed foods with a long shelf life. “Not only were we in a really bad situation, we were eating like shit,” says the 36-year-old from Stoney Creek, Ont. It’s not like Lee had never used a canned pasta sauce to pull together dinner before, but the frequency with which she was cooking with processed foods increased as she worked her way through the stockpile.

Her diet was also less diverse than when she’d been able to go out and grab a salad at lunch. And she just felt bad—her anxiety spiked, she wasn’t sleeping, she felt constantly sluggish as a result, and then felt guilty for not being able to care for her toddler, Miles. “They tell you that, at two, [kids] should only have an

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Cook County health leaders hold Q&A as omicron continues to surge

COOK COUNTY, Ill. – Cook County Public Health leaders discussed the county’s new mitigation order and answered questions about the current COVID-19 surge.

Dr. Rachel Rubin said in Cook County, they’re seeing between 10,000 and 12,000 new cases diagnosed every single day.

“I think we’re really teetering on the brink right now,” Dr. Rubin said. “The basic point is that we’re trying to keep everybody safe, we’re trying to save lives with this added mitigation.”

Cook County’s new mitigation order requires everyone over the age of 5 show proof of full vaccinations where food or drink are served or fitness activities. There are some new exceptions, including children in sports.

“Those 18 years old or younger that are involved in sports related activities are exempt from that activity because we are expecting them to follow the state’s all sports guidance from the Illinois State Board of Education,” Dr. Rubin said.

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