Simple Vietnamese food you can cook from home

Uyen Luu, author of the new cookbook ‘Vietnamese’ shares her recipes for traditional food with a modern twist. #newdaynw

SEATTLE — In her new cookbook, “Vietnamese,” Uyen Luu shares fuss-free (and delicious) recipes that are easy to make for your family.

She joins New Day NW to demonstrate one of the recipes! 



This is a version of a classic salad that is seen at all celebrations, even if it is a weekend gathering. Don’t let that stop you from enjoying a burst of flavor on a weeknight. You can use up a leftover roast chicken or buy a cooked rotisserie chicken. You don’t have to poach the chicken from scratch if you have leftovers. But if you do poach a whole chicken, you can make chicken pho. Use half the chicken meat for

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New Illinois Law Eases Restrictions For Home Bakers

When Danielle Robinson spent time at her grandmother’s house as a child, her cousins played video games while she hung out in the kitchen. She learned how to bake pound cakes and dinner rolls.

Today, Robinson, 45, is a baker in her Arlington Heights home, and her business is an ode to her grandmother: Dottie’s Kitchen.

“When I started, I was researching what options I would have. And, obviously, my goal is to ultimately have my own commercial kitchen space, whether it be retail or in a warehouse situation. But just the cost for someone starting out and not really wanting to take on a lot of debt didn’t make sense to me,” Robinson said.

Robinson decided to become a cottage food entrepreneur, the name for home cooks who formally register with local governments. Cottage foods are low-risk homemade foods — no meat or dairy, but pickles, jams and cookies

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A Knoxville local home cook will appear on Food Network

Krista DeSocio, local cook and food blogger, will compete in the ultimate grilling competition in a new show, Grill of Victory

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — A local home cook and food blogger is making her mark on the food world and now she gets to do it on a national stage.  Krista DeSocio will appear on a new show on Food Network this summer.

Krista is most comfortable in her home kitchen prepping, cooking, creating delicious dishes for her food blog and Instagram account.

“There is something about feeding people and nourishing people that is really special,” said DeSocio.

Her passion for cooking grew when she got married and started traveling the globe.

“I just developed this love of food and ingredients and seeing these chefs in their native land like Thailand and seeing these old techniques still used today,” said DeSocio. 

She started a food blog and it took off

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Home cooks find antidote to blandness on TikTok videos | Arts & entertainment

From sourdough to feta pasta, much of the last year at home has been food-focused. And one driver of these delectable fads is the social media platform TikTok.

Many people have embraced cooking during the pandemic, when they’ve been home, bored, looking to try something new. TikTok was ready to fill the gap as a foodie paradise and has seen more than 15 billion food posts.

“It’s my bedtime routine,” Lori Jackson, 54, of Lynn, Massachusetts, said of watching TikTok cooking videos. “I’ve taken ideas I’ve seen on there and made them.”

One of the burgeoning TikTok celebrity chefs is Harry Heal, a 26-year-old who lives in Dubai.

Heal has a distinct baritone, an English accent, and has garnered about a million followers in the six months he’s been posting cooking videos. He isn’t a chef by trade, though he learned some cooking skills when working in the French

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