‘Soup Pot’ Has Players Create Delicious Dishes from The Philippines, Korea, and Japan

One thing that all Asians can agree on is that the continent probably has some of the best food on Earth. And Pinoy game studio, Chikon Club, is looking to celebrate this aspect of Asian culture through their new game Soup Pot.

Unlike the Cooking Mama series, where players are awarded for sticking to the recipe to a tee, Soup Pot is a cooking game with a heavy focus on creativity, capturing the improvisational nature of home cooking and allowing players to experiment with 100 different dishes.

Beautifully stylized 3D renders of ingredients will be at the player’s disposal to create these dishes and players can cook freely without restrictions. From there, players can then channel their inner Masterchef and plate these dishes however they like.

Chikon Club is aiming to make Soup Pot’s in-game kitchen a welcoming place for home cooks of every proficiency. The game is more about

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Japan Wages Down Most Since 2015 as Winter Bonuses Slide

(Bloomberg) — Japanese wages fell in December for a ninth straight month, declining the most since June 2015, as employers remained fearful of the profit outlook amid a global resurgence of the coronavirus.

Labor cash earnings slid 3.2% from a year earlier, weighed down by a drop in year-end bonuses, labor ministry data showed Tuesday. Economists had predicted a bigger overall fall of 4.8% that would have been the worst reading since the 2009 financial crisis.

chart: Deeper falls in Japanese wages imperil any consumption-led recovery

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Deeper falls in Japanese wages imperil any consumption-led recovery

The smaller-than-expected drop follows a report showing household spending also fell less than expected in December, offering a slightly less dismal view of the spending environment for workers than had been assumed at the end of 2020.


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Still, pay declines are likely to limit the extent of any rebound in consumer spending even after Japan lifts a state of emergency that

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Japan Coronavirus Bankruptcies Hit 1,000; Restaurants Have No Way Out


Tokyo, Feb. 2 (Jiji Press)–The restaurant industry is a leading victim of the coronavirus pandemic in Japan, data released Tuesday by a private credit research firm showed.

The cumulative number of business failures caused by the spread of the novel coronavirus reached 1,000, with the restaurant sector seeing 182 cases, the largest industry-by-industry figure, Tokyo Shoko Research Ltd. reported.

According to the research firm, an inn in Aichi Prefecture suspended operations in February last year, becoming the first to go bankrupt in the country due to the pandemic.

After marking 104 failures in June, the monthly bankruptcy figure dropped in July and August. Since September, however, the figure has stayed high around 100.

The slump in the restaurant industry also resulted in bankruptcies of 46 food and beverage wholesalers and 31 food makers.

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Jiji Press

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Check out these new videos from Super Nintendo World in Japan

Check out these new videos from Super Nintendo World in Japan

Today, the fan site Universal Parks News Today dropped a slew of videos from inside Japan’s Super Nintendo World that show what the whole experience of going to the park is like. It’s a cool look at what’s sure to be a very popular post-COVID destination for Nintendo fans. From what I can tell, the park seems stuffed with people and attractions. It looks surprisingly normal, though everyone is wearing a mask. They went on every ride! They tried all the food! It’s guaranteed to make you want to go yourself.

a group of people sitting at a table

What’s a little stranger is the videos show the park stuffed with people, but it’s not supposed to be open yet. The original plan was to open the Osaka park on February

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