Cookies inspired by Japanese cuisine

Masako, an Osaka-based mother and baker extraordinaire, creates cookies inspired by Japanese cuisine. While the tiny treats may look like mini meals, they’re actually simple sugar cookies topped with intricately sculpted icing – a delicious and inventive craft she showcases on Instagram.

An avid baker, Masako has documented her collection of cookies for about a year now. While always impressive, her dessert designs have come a long way—though she’s always had a penchant for recreating familiar foods. In the past, she often paid homage to classic snacks like bacon, hot dogs, and cupcakes, as well as a delicious assortment of strikingly realistic cakes. She’s also reimagined bouquets of flowers, festive holiday trimmings, and even impressive icing drawings of beloved movie characters. Few of her creations, however, were as detailed as the Japanese food-inspired treats she beautifully bakes today.

Far from your average cookies, Masako’s latest creations transcend sprinkles, frosting,

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El Bajio on Hawthorne, Oyishi Japanese in Oconee and More Food News

Latino’s Taqueria y Mariscos, which replaced my beloved La Estrella on Hawthorne Avenue, is closed, with new signs painted on the windows advertising a restaurant called El Bajio Restaurant and Taqueria as coming soon. It appears to be related to the market on Old Commerce Road of the same name.

The Watkinsville location of Inoko Express has closed but is reopening shortly under a new name: Oyishi Japanese Cuisine, with sushi, sashimi, hibachi, ramen, soba and the like.

G Brand BBQ in Crawford has added a drive-through.

Athens Pizza has moved across Milledge Avenue from its original location into the shopping center that also houses Tall Boy Beverages.

Gyro Wrap (RIP forever, SIGH) is being replaced by a place called Munch Hut that bills itself as a deli and store. There’s still hope for gyros, supposedly, so let’s keep crossing our fingers.

The building at 1180 Prince Ave. that

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City Pop Sushi to Serve up Rolls in Colorful Downtown Space Inspired by Japanese Pop Culture

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When City Pop Sushi (1816 E. 12th St.) opens downtown in early March, it likely will be one of the most visually stimulating eateries around, a candy-colored homage to Japanese pop culture.

“Our entire theme is based around `80s Japanese city pop music,” says owner Bryson Strowder.

Strowder was introduced to the art of Chad Kimes and Erin Caruso while shopping at Carol & John’s Comic Shop in Kamm’s Corners, he says. He commissioned them to paint a pair of wild murals for the space. That original artwork will be joined by a Vigilante arcade game and eight TVs streaming city pop music videos, anime and `80s-era Japanese wrestling.

“City pop was basically Japanese people’s interpretation of American pop music,” Strowder explains. “Our restaurant is kind of the same, but opposite. We’re all about appreciation of that culture.

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Food sorghum from US featured in Japanese food journals | Farm Forum

Health-conscious Japanese consumers have new recipes to try after U.S. food sorghum was featured in two food journal articles in late 2020, according to a news release. The placement of these articles was the latest in the U.S. Grains Council’s long-term effort to establish and expand a niche, value-added market for U.S. sorghum in Japan.

The readership of Nikkei Woman consists of young to middle-aged women and included an article featuring Erica Angyal, a popular figure with whom the council has worked to promote sorghum since 2013. Eiyo-to-Ryori, which translates to “Nutrition and Cooking,” is a monthly journal targeted to nutritionists and registered dieticians.

The council helped arrange for sorghum articles to appear in these publications along with general information on health attributes, high mineral content and research on dietary fiber. Because many readers do not know how to prepare sorghum, the articles also included recipes with detailed instructions.


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