A Knoxville local home cook will appear on Food Network

Krista DeSocio, local cook and food blogger, will compete in the ultimate grilling competition in a new show, Grill of Victory

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — A local home cook and food blogger is making her mark on the food world and now she gets to do it on a national stage.  Krista DeSocio will appear on a new show on Food Network this summer.

Krista is most comfortable in her home kitchen prepping, cooking, creating delicious dishes for her food blog and Instagram account.

“There is something about feeding people and nourishing people that is really special,” said DeSocio.

Her passion for cooking grew when she got married and started traveling the globe.

“I just developed this love of food and ingredients and seeing these chefs in their native land like Thailand and seeing these old techniques still used today,” said DeSocio. 

She started a food blog and it took off

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Pitmaster Brendan Lamb of Smiley’s Roanoke cooks for chef-lebrities on ‘BBQ Brawl’ on Food Network

One of Food Network’s fiery shows of the summer, BBQ Brawl, premieres June 14, 2021 featuring North Texas pitmaster Brendan Lamb.

Lamb is the owner of Smiley’s Craft Barbecue, which opened in 2018 in Roanoke. He is one of two Texans among the 12 contestants on the show: There’s also Ara Malekian, former executive chef for Wolfgang Puck and current pitmaster at Harlem Road Texas BBQ in Richmond, Texas, west of Houston. (In a list of the top 25 new barbecue joints by Texas Monthly in 2019, writer Daniel Vaughn called Malekian “the Indiana Jones of Texas barbecue” — and we’re intrigued to see him in action on BBQ Brawl.)

It’s BBQ Brawl’s second season, and Food Network has juiced up the show with more contestants than the first season, and a third celebrity chef team captain. This time, Bobby Flay, Michael Symon and new addition Eddie

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Food Network Chopped to feature Chapel Hill NC chef Jackson

Chapel Hill chef Dan Jackson is the latest Triangle culinary star to appear on the Food Network.

Jackson, who is the executive chef of the new Chapel Hill Italian restaurant Osteria Georgi, will compete on “Chopped” Tuesday, June 15 at 9 p.m.

“I always wanted to do one of the cooking competitions,” Jackson said. “The reason I got into cooking was more the competition of it, the athleticism of it. You have to move well behind the line and think on the fly as a line cook. You have to use your movements and know what pan to grab and what needs to happen.”

“Chopped,” the long-running Food Network culinary competition hosted by Ted Allen, features four chefs cooking surprise ingredients from a basket, with the worst dish in each round sending one chef home.

Jackson spent most of his cooking career in New York, including stints in Danny

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Reddit Is Discussing the Foods They Intentionally Cook Wrong and the Answers Are Wild | FN Dish – Behind-the-Scenes, Food Trends, and Best Recipes : Food Network

About three weeks ago, someone with the username ThymeandGarlic wanted to know what foods, if any, people purposefully prepare incorrectly. The user got the ball rolling by explaining that they make scrambled eggs differently than most. “I love to over cook them, and can’t eat them when they’re made properly. I think it’s because scrambled eggs were the first meal I ever made as a kid, and years of conditioning have caused me to like them the ‘wrong’ way,” ThymeandGarlic wrote. “Am I a maniac or do other people do this with other foods?”

Not surprisingly, thousands of other Reddit users were quick to chime in, and many of them had some pretty wild cooking and eating habits. For example, a user by the name of KantalopeKat explained that instead of eating cooked oats, she consumes them raw as a snack.

“[I] just put them in a cup and

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