WoodSpoon, a food delivery service offering home-cooked meals, opens in N.J.

An on-demand meal delivery service linking local chefs with people craving home-cooked meals announced its expansion to New Jersey this week after a successful trial run in New York.

Woodspoon enables customers to order food delivery from home chefs that includes everything from family meals to Michelin-star worthy creations.

According to Woodspoon, the home chefs specialize in a variety of cuisines, and the company handles business logistics like payment, packaging materials and delivery service.

A meal for two typically costs between $20-$40, Woodspoon said. It is ultimately up to the home chefs to price their dishes, although Woodspoon recommends competitive prices. The chefs keep their earnings.

Customers must pay a service fee that goes to Woodspoon to help cover payment transactions, packaging in eco-friendly containers, reusable bags and delivery,” according to the company.

In New York City, Woodspoon has a network of 250 chefs, who can create a profile

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‘Essential’ market opens in Bethpage, aims to reduce stigma of coming to food bank

Long Island Cares opened a supermarket-style “boutique” of essentials in Bethpage on Monday aimed at reducing the stigma of going to a food pantry.

Located at 386 North Wantagh Ave., the “Essential Market” has aisles full of nonperishable and perishable goods, along with cooking demonstrations for people who pick up food and community rooms available for organizations in Hempstead Town and Nassau County, officials said.

“The essential market is an opportunity for us to tell the public who is food insecure and in need of support that you don’t have to be ashamed to go for help,” Paule Pachter, CEO of Long Island Cares, said at the opening.

The items come from stores such as Target and Costco as part of a retail

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Pizza food truck opens new brick-and-mortar location at Fairfield brewery

When COVID-19 canceled local food festivals last year, Manning used that free time to remodel the inside of the brewery. He was impressed by the assistance he received from family, friends and contractors.

“The East coast is not like this,” said Manning, who lived in Chesapeake, Virginia. “It’s unreal how people have helped me.”

Manning was introduced to Neapolitan style pizza while attending a 40th birthday party for a friend five years ago. After eating dinner at home, Manning arrived at the party and the host was cooking pizza in the driveway. Manning said he wasn’t hungry, but he tried one slice.

One slice turned to 10, he said.

“I couldn’t stop eating this pizza,” he said.

So he learned how to make the dough and sauce from a friend and brought the idea of a wood-fired oven to Butler County. The oven reaches 1,200 degrees and can cook a

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Business Intel: Soul food restaurant and treat shop opens in Norwich neighborhood | Business Local

A new soul food restaurant and treat shop recently opened in Roanoke’s Norwich neighborhood.

Crossroads Restaurant is a family business that combines mom Lisa Wilson’s love for cooking with daughter Ashley Boardley’s passion for baking.

Some of the restaurant’s signature dishes include chicken and waffles, shrimp and grits, honey lemon pepper chicken wings and Wilson’s chicken salad, which she described as “to die for.” Boardley’s banana pudding and

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