From food trailer to restaurant, mother and daughter open up New Milford Mexican eatery

NEW MILFORD — When Alissa Swantek was 9 years old, her mother Alejandra Aguilar Gonzaga purchased a trailer, and in the warm weather months, she drove to local flea markets, fairs and carnivals to sell empanadas.

“We would hang out all day, selling empanadas,” said Swantek, who is now 25. “I would help my mother.”

Gonzaga and Swantek have come a long way since their days in the trailer. The mother-daughter pair just opened Momma’s Tacos on Church Street in town. The business sells authentic Mexican food.

The empanada

Gonzaga, a single mother who was born in Mexico City, came to the United States at the age of 21.

She never cooked when she lived in Mexico.

“When I started making empanadas, I researched cooking methods,” she said, adding her friends also taught her cooking techniques.

Gonzaga chose to sell empanadas out of the trailer because that dish was

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Vidl, downtown Knoxville plant-based restaurant plans food in Old City

Vegetarian and plant-based foods are not the same thing. 

An Oreo technically is vegetarian, Jenna Baker told Knox News, but that is not the type of food she plans on bringing to her new fast-casual and plant-based restaurant, Vidl, scheduled to open spring 2022 in the Old City. 

The business will be located in the former home of Blühen Botanicals at 111 E. Jackson Ave. and will offer dine-in and to-go meals that promote good health.

Jenna Baker is photographed in the space where Vidl, Baker's fast-casual and plant-based restaurant, will open in Blühen Botanicals' former space at 111 E. Jackson Ave in Knoxville's Old City.

The restaurant also will offer wellness education, and its name is an interpretative spelling of “victual,” an archaic word for “food.”

Baker plans for customers of her already-established boxed meal service to pick up orders from the new space by the end of January.

The take-home meals, packaged as Be Well Boxes, come with ingredients for salads, plant-based entrees, soups and desserts that can make between 10 and 20 meals. 

Baker has been selling

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Delivery rider cooks food order himself after restaurant takes too long

Food delivery riders have become the unsung heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic, bringing delicious food to our doorsteps so we don’t have to risk getting infected when grabbing a bite to eat outside.

And for a lot of us, ordering-in has always been the norm, even in pre-COVID times. Either way, there’s no denying that we truly do rely on food delivery riders to make our lives just a tad bit easier.

However, not all orders proceed smoothly. Sometimes, especially during peak hours, you might have to wait a little bit longer before the delivery rider shows up at your doorstep with today’s lunch.

Taking things into his own hands, quite literally.

A food delivery rider in Malaysia has gone viral on social media after proceeding to make the very food order he was supposed to pick up, seeing that the restaurant itself was taking a bit too long to

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Grange Food Hall, Troy Guard’s Greenwood Village restaurant offerings

With the opening of Grange Hall, Troy Guard has joined the ranks of restaurateurs running food halls.

Located in Greenwood Village, the almost 13,000-square-foot space was taken over by the TAG Restaurant Group in 2019 after an outpost of the brewpub chain C.B. & Potts closed. Now, the large, high-ceiling space is packed with nine concepts, a full bar, a small brewery, space for concerts and events, and an outdoor patio with a great view of Pike’s Peak and the Front Range. While not every eatery had moved in by opening day, Sept. 23, they are expected to launch in the next couple weeks.

From TAG Restaurant Group, the food hall’s concepts include Crazy Love Pizza, Rado Burgers and the fourth location of the group’s Bubu, which serves healthy build-you-own bowls. Crazy Love Pizza is the first pizza joint opened by Guard, and guests can enjoy the Sicilian-style pie either

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