Woman shares her Filipino culture, food to help others

BERRYVILLE, Va. (AP) — Shortly after 6 p.m. several nights a week a line of cars appears in front of what must be the most popular house on Mosby Boulevard.

One by one the cars pull up to the driveway. A box is handed over. Money exchanges hands. The car drives away and another pulls up to pick up their box.

But it’s not illicit substances in those boxes. It’s egg rolls. Or sometimes it’s chicken fried rice sprinkled with crunchy bacon. Or maybe barbecued chicken skewers.

Since the beginning of February, Violah Lee has been cooking and sharing the food she learned to make as a girl in the Philippines. She takes orders through the Facebook group she created, “Filipino Food for Clarke County, Va.”

“The people are crazy about it,” said Lee of her food. “I love it. It just makes my heart happy.”

Lee doesn’t charge a

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Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond Shares Update on Husband and Nephew After Crash

The Pioneer Woman blogger and Food Network star Ree Drummond thanked fans for their support following her husband and nephew’s vehicle accident at her family ranch and offered an update on their health conditions.

On Wednesday, Ladd Drummond, 52, and Caleb Drummond, 21, were driving their own fire trucks to battle a brush fire on the couple’s property, along with other firefighters, and crashed into each other, a Pawhuska Fire Department spokesperson told E! News. According to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, visibility was decreased due to high winds on the gravel road the Drummonds drove on, and they crashed head on. Both men were hospitalized and Caleb was admitted in critical condition with head, trunk internal, arm and leg injuries, the police spokesperson said.

I want to thank you all for your prayers for our family,” Ree, 52, wrote on Facebook on Thursday, March 11. “Caleb and Ladd

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Rattlesnake Greets Woman Trying to Grab Her Food Delivery

You may want to think twice about having food delivered instead of cooking. One woman got a food delivery, and she also a terrifying surprise: a rattlesnake waiting for her to grab the bag.

A delivery driver in Tuscon, Arizona, left the to-go containers on the woman’s front porch, according to a photo shared on the Instagram account @rattlesnakesolutions. An angel statue was beside the drop-off, and coiled behind it was a reptile ready to pounce.

The good news is, a man identified as “Dave” was working at Rattlesnake Solutions that evening, and he was able to help the woman safely retrieve her dinner. “Food delivery ended up, unknowingly, right next to a coiled Western Diamondback Rattlesnake in Tucson,” the photo’s caption explained. “The homeowner saw it when she went to get it … which is where it sat until Dave arrived.”

It’s also lucky the woman spotted the snake

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Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond screams as a massive RAT runs across her kitchen while filming TV cooking show

PIONEER Woman Ree Drummond screamed as a massive rat ran across her kitchen while she was filming her Food Network cooking show.

The terrifying moment was all caught on camera, and the chef shared it with fans on Instagram before the episode aired on TV this weekend.

A massive rat ran across Ree's kitchen in a new clip


A massive rat ran across Ree’s kitchen in a new clipCredit: Instagram
The incident took place while she filmed her TV show


The incident took place while she filmed her TV showCredit: Instagram

The clip began with Ree, 52, giving instructions on how to make a bread bowl.

As she brushed the inside of the bowl with butter, a large rat was seen running across the floor.

A male crew member screamed when he spotted the rodent, while Ree also shrieked when she also realized that the kitchen had an unwelcome visitor.

One staffer hopped onto the table Ree was prepping the meal on, while others ran to the

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