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The 8 Best Camping Grills 2022

best camping grills

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Ski season may be nearing its end, and you’re probably putting your ski gear away in storage. But don’t think your time outside is over—especially when temperatures are warming up again. The time of year has come where, realistically speaking, you can start planning your warm-weather activities like camping—and when you’ve got your tent, your camping chairs, a backpack for hiking, and a quality cooler to hold your food, there’s only one thing left to pack: a camp grill. Well, that and camping essentials like sunscreen, of course.

Sure, there’s always the possibility that you could have a grill at your campsite. But in the off chance there isn’t, save yourself the trouble of searching for one—or worse, racing other campers to claim it—and grab yourself a portable camping grill (not to be confused with camping stoves).

Whether you’re hopping into an RV for a cross-country road trip, car camping for the weekend, or just heading to the park for some time outside with your friends, there’s no doubt having a grill will elevate the experience. Shop the best camping grills below, and then get a head start on your outdoor chef season now.

Best Camping Grills

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Best Overall Camp Grill

Q-1200 Green LP Gas Grill

If you’re looking for a solid, durable option to take wherever you go, this one from the legendary grill brand Weber will be the grill for you. With porcelain-coated cast-iron grill plates, your food is sure to cook to perfection—and you can’t ignore how convenient the folding side tables will be for holding your grilling necessities.

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Best Portable Gas Grill

SPRK Camp Grill

Those who want a no-nonsense grill to throw into the car before they head to their weekend getaway will love the Eureka SPRK. It’s a simple, compact option with nonstick ceramic plates to make your campsite cooking easier than ever. There are also adjustable feet, so you won’t have to worry about cooking on uneven ground.

All-in One Cast Iron Grill

Cast-iron cookware is never a bad idea—particularly when you’re cooking over an open flame. And if you want to expand your cast-iron collection, Barebone’s grill is the piece to add. Yes, like most cast-iron items, it’s heavy. But don’t let that keep you from getting it. The grill’s 9-piece set, which nests into itself, comes with a grill plate, a griddle surface, and the body serves as a wok (!!), which you can also use to cook or steam other things. They meant it when they called this the All-in-One Grill.

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Best Camp Grill for Groups

Takibi Fire & Grill

Snow Peak’s sleek stainless steel Takibi Fit & Grill will undoubtedly elevate your gear setup, and putting it together and firing it up with wood is easy, too. Plus, it doubles as a portable campfire. So, not only does it grill well and look good, but you and your camp crew can also gather ’round well into the night.

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Best Portable Camping Grill

RoadTrip 285 Standup Grill

Maybe there’s no picnic table in sight. No problem—Coleman’s RoadTrip 285 Standup Grill will be the table and the grill. That’s not the only reason to love this grill—it has three burners, powers up to 20,000 total BTUs, and has a large, 285-square inch grilling area. When you aren’t using it, the legs will fold down.

Best Camping BBQ Grill

Portable BBQ Grill

If you enjoy the outdoors and grilling up a feast, why not make it a barbecue? Camp Chef’s Portable BBQ Grill—which is great for car camping as well as tailgating—features a lockable lid perfect for helping smoke your cuts along with nickel-plated grates and a removable grease tray for easy cleanup.

Blackstone Tabletop Griddle

Enjoying breakfast with bacon, eggs, and pancakes out in the open fresh air always sounds like a good idea. If you prefer to cook everything on a flattop griddle, consider this option from Blackstone, which features a 339-square inch cooking surface. Of course, you don’t need to reserve it solely for breakfast—it’s perfect for sausages, veggies, and more, too.

Grill Ultimate Bundle

Want a compact option you can take to the great outdoors and use on your back patio? Solo Stove’s sleek grill bundle comes with the brand’s charcoal grill (which uses the brand’s signature airflow system), a 13-inch stand, grill tools, and more so you can cook your meats the moment you get this on your doorstep.

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