June 8, 2023


Food loaded for bear

The Royals And Ivory Coat Have A New Campaign Using Healthy People To Sell Pet Food

Titled “For pets as healthy as you”, the first campaign from The Royals for Aussie pet food company Ivory Coat showcases healthy humans who compare themselves to your furry friends.

While the traditional convention for selling pet food is to show off cute cats and dogs, The Royals have chosen to go in a different direction and focus on healthy humans, while making the connection from healthy lifestyles to natural pet food.

In a series of short videos, viewers witness several fit and healthy-looking individuals going about their daily lives, with the key phrase being: If they were a dog or cat, they’d probably eat Ivory Coat.

The integrated campaign broke on Sunday 8 May and is running across Social, print, OOH, PoS, digital and PR, including executions in print and digital.

The Royals executive creative director Sebastian Vizor said: “While we love cute cat videos and pictures of adorable dogs as much as the next pet lover, we chose to leave them out of our campaign as a way of cutting through the category conventions. The pet food market is hugely competitive and the advertising mostly generic, and we were determined to bring a fresh approach to the task of getting Ivory Coat in more dog and cat bowls across Australia.”

Josh Wheeler, marketing manager, dog portfolio at Ivory Coat, added: “We loved the idea of showing the benefit of Ivory Coat’s Australian heritage and natural ingredients from a human perspective, and it was the reason we awarded the business to The Royals.

“Our mission is to deliver better nutrition and a healthier lifestyle for Australia’s pets through naturally Australian, high-quality and naturally nutritious pet food made from Australian meat and superfoods made right here in Australia. ‘For pets as healthy as you’ is a strong, simple idea that communicates Ivory Coat’s brand benefit in a clear yet unexpectedly bold way.”

For those curious, you can watch the videos below:


Campaign: “For pets as healthy as you”

Client: Real Pet Food Company – Ivory Coat

Marketing Manager, Dog Portfolio: Josh Wheeler

Brand Manager, Ivory Coat: Connie MacLulich

Creative: The Royals

Director: Justin McMillan

Production Company: Filmgraphics

Executive Producer: Anna Fawcett

DOP: Matt Toll

Sound design: Sonar Music

Head Of Sound: Timothy Bridge

Offline: The Institute of Post

Editor: Michael Houlahan