If you haven’t invested in an air fryer yet, now might be time. Not only are air fryers a healthier way to cook your favorite recipes but they also cook food faster and better. They can take over for some of those other bulky appliances that you have.

If you’ve been looking to add an air fryer to your kitchen, check out the Kitchen Couture Healthy Options 13 Litre Air Fryer. Not only will this air fryer save you time but also money and right now it’s on sale for $106.95.

This Kitchen Couture air fryer has a large 13-liter capacity, three racks for cooking, and a one-touch rotisserie function so you can cook mouthwatering chicken or roasts. Since this is a multi-functional cooker, you use it to air-fry, grill, dehydrate, bake, toast, reheat you can get rid of some of your other bulky kitchen appliances if you’re lacking storage space. There are also 10 one-touch preset functions that help to take the guesswork out of varying cooking times, including automatic shut-off.


Even better, this air fryer uses air circulation technology, so little to no oil is required to cook your favorite fried foods which means you can enjoy all the good fried stuff without having to worry about the extra fat and calories.

Another nice feature is Kitchen Couture Air Fryer’s size. It holds a lot of food on the inside but on the outside, its style is sleek and compact so it can easily hang out on your kitchen counter or store away in your cabinet. All the accessories like the steel racks and drip tray are dishwasher safe so it’s easy to clean when you’re done with it.

If you’re ready for a healthier and multifunctional air fryer, right now you can get the Kitchen Couture Healthy Options 13 Litre Air Fryer on sale for only $106.95. That’s a savings of 74% off the regular price of $426 but only for a short time.


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