May 28, 2023


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What to look for when upgrading the wine cooler?

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We do have advancements in technology day by day. You might be thinking of upgrading your wine cooler to the latest one. There are certain amazing features of the new wine cooler you should know about. 

  1. Size

Most old wine coolers are small in size, and they have a smaller bottle capacity than a wine fridge. We now have a small increase in the capacity of the wine cooler but are still the smallest compared to a refrigerator. Wine coolers can have a capacity of about 36 bottles, while a wine fridge can take up to 100 bottles. When you want to upgrade your wine cooler, pick a size that will fit your needs. 

  1. Door material

Another thing you have to consider is the door materials. UV light from outside can affect your wine, especially the kitchen wine cooler if you are still using a regular glass door. UV puts a strain on the cooling system and causes wine oxidation. Wine oxidation will alter the taste and maturation of the wine. 

You can upgrade to wine coolers having tinted glass doors. The tinted glass door will remove the harsh light and also allow you to display beautiful bottles of your drinks. 

  1. Cooling Technology

 Also, when you want to upgrade your wine cooler, you need to consider the cooling technology. We have two cooling technologies: thermoelectric technology and compression technology.

Most wine coolers use thermoelectric technology. If you want to get a lower temperature, you can switch to compression technology present in the wine fridge.

When you have a large wine collection, you should upgrade to a wine fridge that uses compression cooling.

  1. Proper door

When upgrading your wine cooler, you should get one that has a seal. This will prevent unwanted airflow when it is closed. We now have wine coolers UK with a reversible door. They can be attached either on the left or right side of the fridge. 

  1. Safety lock

If your wine cooler doesn’t have a safe lock before, you can upgrade to the secured one. A wine cooler with a safety lock will help protect your drinks from any sticky fingers that may want access to your wine collection without your permission.

  1. Temperature Control

Most wine coolers have good Temperature control. This is one of the advantages of a wine cooler over a wine fridge. When you want to upgrade your wine cooler, you can get those whose temperature control is easily accessible, easy to understand, and adjustable. 

  1. Built-in filter

You should go for a small wine cooler with an inbuilt carbon filter. The filter helps to remove and protects the wine from harmful odours. This will help to preserve the taste of your wine.

  1. Cabinet layout

When upgrading, you can also go for a wine cooler with larger cabinets and a better layout. The layout in your wine cooler should allow you to store wines leaving space between them. Everything should not be jam-packed together, no matter the bottle size. 

This is essential to prevent the breakage of bottles as it expands over a range of temperatures. It will prevent the bottles from knocking against one another inside the wine cooler.

 When you want to store larger bottles in your wine collection, get a wine rack or shelf inside the wine cooler to accommodate the bottle size you want to store.