June 8, 2023


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What’s Your Best Restaurant-Inspired Recipe For Dining In?

Share your best restaurant-inspired recipe, and let’s discover our communities’ most beloved eateries.

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What’s a restaurant dish that’s been keeping your palate afloat during lockdown measures, when it feels like you’ve been around your own repertoire 30 times and just can’t figure out what to make next? Which chefs’ recipes inspire your dining-out fantasies—the meals you can’t wait to savor again?

Although widespread vaccine programs will help us all eventually return to restaurants, the industry is still suffering. As 2020 continued along, so did the restaurant casualties. Now, as the winter weather in many places restricts outdoor dining, establishments large and small have been hit hard again by another sharp reduction in business.

We’ve all been trying to support our communities during the COVID-19 crisis, and we are asking for your help to spread the word and lift up these restaurants. For our latest recipe contest, shine a spotlight on your favorite restaurant by sharing a recipe inspired by a dish that you’ve enjoyed there (or taken home).

Submissions are open from now until March 1 at 8 p.m. ET. Here are a few guiding points:

  • We welcome sweet or savory recipes.
  • Cafés are fair game.
  • No fast-food-inspired recipes, please.
  • Your headnote should clearly state the name and location of the restaurant that inspired your dish.

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Rejoice! Taco Bell Is Bringing Back Potatoes

  • Andrew Cuomo wearing a suit and tieNew York City Indoor Dining to Reopen at 25% Starting on Valentine’s Day
    Governor Andrew Cuomo has given New Yorkers the go-ahead to dine out on Valentine’s Day.But lovebirds who are feeling comfortable enough to eat indoors may have trouble scoring a seat.When New York City restaurants reopen on February 14th, they’ll have to limit themselves to just 25% capacity.With vaccines rolling out, it’s possible indoor dining can continue for good.But Cuomo did warn that if the numbers change, so could the city’s dining policies.He stressed that his Valentine’s Day gift was contingent on COVID-19 rates following a downward trajectory.Unfortunately. whether or not 25% capacity is actually enough to benefit restaurants is up for plenty of debate

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  • Philadelphia's 'Dumpster Juice' Vermouth Keeps Selling OutPhiladelphia’s ‘Dumpster Juice’ Vermouth Keeps Selling Out
    You might think that a spirit called “Garbage Juice” wouldn’t sell, but you would be wrong.This self-depacatingly-titled line of craft vermouth was born during the pandemic, and business is booming.When Philadelphia’s Bloomsday Café dropped its latest batch—Dumpster Fire 2020—it sold out within a few hours.While humorously named, the vermouth is no joke.Dumpster Fire 2020 uses Green Meadow Farm wormwood, Concord grape skins, and botanicals from Penn Herb Co.The local response to the Dumpster Juice vermouth series has been wildly enthusiastic, and it’s continuing to grow. .You can reserve bottles and cans at Bloomsday Café and its bottle shop, Fancy Wine Shop in Philly

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    Matthew Henderson, a.k.a. Dead Fish Guy, has been supplying Michelin-starred restaurants for years.His just-plucked-from-the-ocean seafood has graced the tables of Alinea, Daniel, Masa, The French Laundry, and more.But when the pandemic shuttered so many restaurants, he had to find another way to support the fishermen who relied on him.His regular chefs would often put in personal orders with their restaurant purchases, so that gave him an idea.He reasoned that regular folks with a penchant for great food might treat themselves to his top-shelf product.So E-Fish was born with a simple mission: superior, sustainably caught fish straight from the dock to your door. .As for the cost, it’s surprisingly reasonable, on par with what you might pay at Whole Foods.Check out e-fish.com, place your order today, and enjoy some of the best seafood in the world tomorrow

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If the restaurants that inspired our finalists’ recipes are open, we’ll feature each one along with the dish.

The contest winner will receive a gift from the Food52 shop.

If you already have a recipe on the site, go to that recipe page, hit “Edit Recipe” (under the photo), scroll down, hit “Submit my recipe to a contest,” select the latest contest (“Your Best Restaurant-Inspired Recipe”), and save.

If you want to add a new recipe, head to your profile page, select “Recipes,” click “Add a Recipe,” upload it, hit “Submit my recipe to a contest,” select the latest contest, and save.

We read every submission, and test as many as possible. But that’s a lot of reading and a lot of testing, so we’re counting on your help, too. Scroll through the submission pages and make (and favorite) any recipe that catches your eye. Then, share feedback on the recipe page. We’ll take all this feedback into account as we narrow down the top five, which will be announced March 20.

Here’s a full refresher on how the whole contest process works.

How have lockdown measures impacted your local restaurant community? Let us know in the comments.

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