December 1, 2022


Food loaded for bear

Why KC founder is starting a new food venture in California

Another nod to Kansas City is Boulevard Brewing Co.’s Tank 7, which has become the market’s second-most popular beer.

Firquain, who moved to Napa Valley in May, previously lived in Sacramento for eight years and went to culinary school in St. Helena. For Firquain, Napa Valley is an ideal market for proving out the model, especially since the region is known for top-notch food and wine.

“What we’re offering isn’t really here,” she said. “There’s no model here — other than going to the grocery store — that is just a small footprint, grab-and-go market.”

It’s convenient, Covid-19 friendly and gives residents an affordable option among the area’s high-end restaurants.

As the pandemic subsides, she wants Legit Provisions to become a regular hangout and a place to watch sports without needing a reservation. Contributing to the comfy and casual atmosphere is a self-pour wine and beer station that charges by the ounce, allowing patrons to sample or indulge in a variety of offerings. It’s another differentiator in the region and also eliminates the overhead and formality of a traditional bar, she said.

While others have questioned the decision to open a new business during a pandemic, it simply made sense to Firquain, who had been eyeing the Napa Valley market for awhile.

“We wouldn’t have been able to afford open here if it wasn’t for Covid, so I knew I needed to capitalize on that timing,” she said.

The closing of area businesses created lower leasing rates and put a number of liquor licenses back on the market, which in normal circumstances can cost a business owner about $100,000. Now they’re much cheaper.

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