Do you often find yourself wondering what food to cook, how to cook it, and even that dreaded question—how much of it? It’s a daily struggle for all of us, but need not be with our food horoscope. Satisfaction is only a click away!


Taking advantage of people isn’t nice; do unto others and all that. And so a spirit of cooperation is needed if harmony is to prevail today. If someone asks if they can have one of your homemade chocolate chip cookies, could it kill you to give one up without negotiating a payback?


Salt has been vilified for its harmful health effects. And while it’s true that most people consume more than their daily allotment of sodium, everything in moderation. But don’t toss that shaker just yet — salt has many uses that don’t involve food. For instance, mix together a teaspoon each of salt and olive oil and you have a soothing, all-natural facial balm.


There’ll be a purpose in your sure-footed step today. You’ll walk the walk and talk the talk as you schmooze in all the right circles. But those first impressions could turn to abject disappointment when they see your face and shirt smeared with marinara sauce. If you must snack at the buffet, go for the carrot sticks and stay as far as you can from the lasagna.


Work can be a big, fat headache. So leave your head today and see yourself on a tropical beach, lying on sun-kissed sand, sipping ice-cold chardonnay and shucking fresh-caught oysters right from the shell! Stay there for a while, because the reality of your ham and cheese sandwich is far too jolting.


Making a good impression is easy for someone as bold as you. Your natural charm opens many doors. Which could explain how you got the invite to the posh opening of the chic new celebrity-chef-owned Asian-fusion joint. You’ll be one with the glitterati, enjoying prawns simmered in lemongrass beer broth with the rest of the A-listers.

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You’ll finally get down to business. A newfound dedication will enable you to get a lot done in a short amount of time. Taking a long lunch will be okay as long as you don’t get a hankerin’ for some authentic Chicago-style barbecued spare ribs, and you don’t live in Chicago. Let the search begin.


It’s depressing to think about how many people are killing themselves with sugar. You may not be able to help on a global scale, but action begins at home. Forbid all soda, sugary cereals and anything but homemade cookies or cakes. Ration the amount family members put in coffee, and stock up on plenty of natural sugar sources, such as fresh fruit and wheat pastas.


It’ll be safe to sign on the dotted line today. Excellent business ventures and investment opportunities could have you seeing green. So take some of that hard-earned cash and blow it on a special meal. The next thing you’ll be signing your name to is a credit card bill. That’s how you’ll pay for your steak and lobster champagne dinner.


You’ll crave art and music tonight, but you don’t want to get all highfalutin. Dinner theater could stir your inner muse. Where else can you have a Caesar salad and tilapia gorgonzola while watching yet another production of ‘Hairspray.’


You’re not one for showy displays; you prefer to let your hard work do the talking. Prepare yourself for that heady ride to the top, but don’t forget your roots. Brown bagging your own bologna and Swiss sandwich every day will help keep you humble.


Your much vaunted discipline will take a direct hit today. You’ll fight the good fight but even Goliath had his David. All it could take to bring you down is one little whiff of sausage lasagna being pulled out of the oven, cheese a-bubblin’ and everything. And that will be all she wrote.


Tired of rice and potatoes? You may need a new direction when it comes to the starches in your life. Look to the mighty quinoa as a logical substitute. It’s amazingly high in protein and a great source of fiber, magnesium and iron. Mix it with honey, almond or berries for a crazy new power breakfast.

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